Sounds Around Town : 26th Nov – 2nd Dec

10915013_855280617869941_7534680761274649572_o.jpgIt’s safe to say that it is officially cold out there now. Only this morning I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets and a couple of brass monkey’s lagging themselves, that’s how much the temperature has dropped of late. But that doesn’t mean that the fun has to end. Actually the best way to save on heating bills this winter is to turn off the boiler, wrap up warm and head out to a gig where the collective body warmth and a few pints of Rawlinson’s Old Stoat Wobbler can actually be seen as an economic saving…. sort of. And the more gigs you go to, the more money you save. A no brainer, as the youth of today might say.

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Jake Martin back in town

12036732_1239370699422781_4121017666717637218_nTomorrow at The Roaring Donkey we have the amazing Jake Martin. He was last in town in the company of Gaz Brookfield but here you can catch an intimate show but still full of the passion and verve that you have come to love his music for. Opening the night is the more chilled and considered sounds of local lad Steve Millard. A top night of music if ever there was one.

Split decisions

Songs of Praise has two shows in town tonight. Firstly up at The Castle we have a fantastic double-header with White Lilac and Familiars, two of our favourite local acts who will be delivering soundscaping indie, sonorous dream-pop, soaring crescendos and sonorous undertones.
Those of a more blues-rock persuasion will want to head down to The Locomotive to catch The Greasy Slicks and The Harlers for a night of incendiary blues-rock for the 21st century, traditional vibes in a forward looking wrapper.
I will be cloning myself and watching everything. Best you do the same.

Sounds Around Town :19th – 25th November

12032792_889717027763398_6926717901493668994_oMaybe we have to get away from this idea that important and impressive musical events can only take place in more revered places – New England coffee shops or Camden venues, in large stadiums or within media defined scenes. Good music takes place in town every week; you just have to know where to look. In the last month I have witnessed blistering, national circuit alt-rock; underground, gothic pop and ranting music and poetry from a stalwart 35 years into his career. I have also watched and hung out with a charming satirical, agit-folk performer and the icing on the cake was watching two iconic songwriters who helped define the sound of the early days of indie, pair up and deliver music that was nothing short of gorgeous. All in Swindon and it was all free. Beer may be expensive but do you feel the desire to get out of your face on premium lager when you go to the cinema or theatre? No, so why is the price of beer used as an argument against live music. The music is already out there; all it needs is your support.

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