Oddly enough for all my crusty, punky background, IX represent the sort of music that I really enjoy writing about most. Again with my love of all things literary and lyrical, it’s strange that an instrumental band should blip so strongly on my radar. I guess that the two songs that they sent me, Spirals and Norwegian Skies, both contain a lot of the elements that I love in music. The slow burning, drawn out dynamic builds, the dark cinematic sweeps, the restraint and ability to work through themes as a whole band rather than go for the easy option of just firing out a few immediate hooks, all boxes that I appreciate being ticked.

This is music that you need to invest a bit of time in, but will be ultimately rewarded by. It’s a Reznor soundtrack taken to the heavier extremes, it’s Opeth pushed down a more homogenised and less erratic path, it’s the score that The Road could have had in an alternate universe.

If you like music that bristles with intensity without resorting to clichéd gimmickry, music that skips between restrained beauty and relentless oppression, revels in both darkness and the redemption that comes with sunrise, then this is the band for you.

Spirals/Norwegian Skies.