Gypsy Metal – Spotlight on SkyBurnsRed

Putting strings in rock music may not be exactly original but it is still rare enough and idea to warrant comment. Actually, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. The Wagnerian sensibility of heavier music does seem the ideal place to work in the wonderful dynamic and weight of musical history that they bring. In SkyBurnsReds case, it’s a violin that adds fantastic extra layers to the music, from staccato rhythms and choppy sub riffs to elegantly drawn washes of sonic atmosphere.

But it’s not as simple as instrumental gimmickry, all of that would count for nothing if they weren’t able to write damned good songs, you only have to check out their recent Madness and Reason e.p. for the proof, 5 tracks that mix alt-rock foundations, eastern vibes (just check out the bass/violin interplay on Paralysed Lullabies) and haunting, windswept soundscapes. If there were such a thing as Gypsy Metal, this would be it.

And live they are just as hot a property; a highly watchable band, able to pull off live what they have created in the studio and deliver it with conviction. If, in a few weeks time, you are not telling people that SkyBurnsRed are your new favourite band, then you may as well resign yourself to the fact that you will be listening Coldplay albums for the rest of your life.


Originally written for The Ocelot Magazine


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