It’s nice when you get the task of reviewing music that also happens to be one of your favourite local bands. Rather than struggling to find new ways of describing derivative bands whose music has left your head as you hit the last full stop of the review, instead it’s a chance to wax lyrical about music that you really care about. And to be honest, how can you not appreciate Rumour Shed. Breathy and delicate vocals lay over acoustic guitar lines that at their most dominant are lilting and folksy but are often content to weave more fractured and intricate lines as if to echo the vocal work.

Although the band have recently expanded from it’s original duo into a fuller band, the four tracks that make up Postcards for Mother are little more than the core sound of the band, minimal percussion add structure, a cello meanders through a couple of the songs but it’s mainly two voices and a guitar and to be honest, it’s this stripped back delivery that really makes the bands sound.

It’s a sound that is reflective rather than melancholy, otherworldly rather than mournfully, richly poetic and quietly majestic. It is music that seems to conjure up pre-Raphaelite imagery with its musically rich and dreamlike hues and a stunning creation given the small number of musical building blocks chosen to work with. And if you think the band on album sound good, I urge you to catch them live.