In my defence

After me and my work were publicly and quite brutally discussed on Facebook here –

Talking of doubters and piss-takers, it was pleasing to see the very same people who have never got a good word to say about the bands at the Rolly , staying all night at the Rolly , and even having a chat to the band at the end of the evening at the Rolly , yes it’s really true , “they” slag off the “crap bands” I book in the Rolly Furnace and then they book the very same bands in other pubs /venues around town , remember, you saw them first at the ROLLY !! 
still, there is certainly no greater compliment than that!
People are strange…

I thought it only fair to defend myself so here it is…..

Right, as this has clearly become a personal attack I think it only right that I defend myself. Yes, I did go and watch Natural Tendency at The Rolleston and they were really good. Then again I thought they would be as I had already checked them out on-line to write them up for my column as I do with dozens of bands every week as part of my research. If you know anything about me you will know that I am into originals bands so the fact I went to the gig is not that unexpected.

Regarding doubting, piss taking and slagging off, this brings me on to my Adver column. I know my style is sometimes abrasive, but that is my style and the brief of the column is my recommendations and thoughts, so naturally it will follow my likes and dislikes, I happen to like new, original music and am not so keen on tributes and cover acts, so that will obviously inform the nature of the article. If the sarcasm and dry attitude offends then it’s is not intentional and I apologise, but as I say, that is my style. If you have a real problem with that then anyone is free to discuss this with my editor (Michelle Tompkins) at the paper and lodge a complaint. It is also worth noting that my sarcasm isn’t just aimed at The Rolleston but across the board, anyone who reads my work will see that. It is also worth noting that this week’s column mentions the Rolleston three times, all massively positive –  ref: (

Also in balance of any perceived slight on bands and promoters it is worth noting that I write numerous articles and reviews that are supportive of new and original bands both locally and nationally, hardly the work of the jaded old cynic I am being portrayed as here.

Regarding stealing bands. It’s only natural that some bands will play more than one local venue, that is not stealing, that is called touring! As the Rolleston is predominantly a covers and acoustic venue (though I’m aware that is slowly changing) and my Songs of Praise night is about original bands, it is unlikely that I draw my inspiration from their past gig list. Our back catalogue is made up of emerging local bands and touring acts from all over the country, most of home have never played the Rolleston, though if they wished to, who am I to say other wise. Bands such as Hello Lazarus (Bristol), The Black Hats (Oxford) Three Minute Tease (Berlin) The James Warner Prophecies (Derby) Kodiac Jack (Southampton) are more what Songs of Praise is about. Our coming shows are listed here –

I suspect that most of them are not regulars at The Rolleston that I have “slagged off” and then stolen, many are first time into Swindon.

The way I see a local “scene” for want of a better word, reaching it’s full potential is with a network of people all competently doing their thing, it’s not about who is better than who, who was the first to put a band on and the like, it’s about providing a decent mechanism for the promotion of live music, simple as that.

All this talk of “haters” (far too strong a word) and bitchiness seems to be people just seeing what they want to see and playing the victim, there does seem to be a strong whiff of burning martyr around the place at the moment. I personally have no vendetta, no axe to grind, like most of you reading this I am just interested in being involved in and enjoying live music and will continue to do so.

Thank you for reading.


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4 Responses to In my defence

  1. Big G says:

    Songs of Praise is a show on BBC1, and should not be mixed up with the evenings arranged at The Vic, encouraging new music and live bands …….. do you get any over 80’s there by mistake ? ;o)

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