Goodbye to all that – of trolls, straws and camels backs.

Time for a little housekeeping, time to get rid of some of the unneccesary clutter in my life, time to concentrate on the things that work and are enjoyable and ditch the things that don’t and aren’t. The things that work best under the Green Man banner seem to be the paid writing jobs, The Adver and The Ocelot, also the promoting of gigs via Songs of Praise and the writing for national PR companies, but it’s definately time to let go of some baggage that not only is time consumming but seems plagued with pitfalls. In short, the local trolls have, for all intents and purposes, won. I’ve tired of the constant berating of every thing I write about local music, tired of a campaign that seems hell bent on personally attacking me and my opinions. Don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, obviously. But it would be nice if freedom of speech alluded to something more worthy and more erudite that the usual “that’s crap” and ” why didn’t you mention this band” dreariness.

So, the focus of Green Man is now moving  away from local reviews and into realms where  the efforts are slightly more appreciated. I know it’s probably a case of one or two spoiling it for the rest but imagine how you feel after four years of  constant undermining and unwarrented non-constructive criticism, wouldn’t you move on as well?

I’ll post my specific comments here as I know the trolls are already standing in the shadows waiting to pounce, so the right people will read this.

To the trolls who have commented so vigourously on Sounds Around Town – (The Rocker, The Scientist, Music Guru, Davey1 etc), yes I will still be writing this column but elsewhere there is obviously going to be a large gap where my local reviews used to be, see this as an oppotunity to step up and do something useful for the local scene, I’m quite happy to host them on this site if you wish and you can have full editorial control.

To Mark Mywords –  your recent smear campaigns have bordered on an obsession and only served to make yourself look foolish, but I hold no grudge. If that is how you chose to exercise your right to comment, albeit under a pseudonym, then that is your choice, but if you have something more open and constructive to say about local music then I would be the first to welcome it.

To Derek Fellowes et al – If you are going to get anywhere in music you will have to learn that not evrything will go your way. Also that even bad reviews are good exposure  – it’s all about column inches – and if a reviewer dosn’t like your music threatening to “burn your house down with you in it” is not the correct response.

To the two Rolleston hard men – I never caught your names, but then you never offered  them. Thank you for the”chat” we had where you spelt out to me that I was not welcome at the gigs there, not a problem. If you see me there at all rest assured I will not be reviewing the music or commenting on the gig in anyway. Presumably my money is still welcome over the bar, even if my opinions are not.

To the venue who cannot be named  – Obviously my comments on your business were not appreciated but the best way to shut up criticism is through results. Simple.  As of now I have no official opinion on anything SBC and their minions are involved with musically.

So if you are in a band who I currently work with, either through Songs of Praise, Green Man Music Promotions or Paramount PR then our relationship will remain unchanged and you know who you are. Other bands might like to seek reviews and promotional coverage, out of town gigs and PR support else where. Good luck to you all.

and if you are looking for specific quotes then go here



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