The Secret Chord

riffsHerman Melville once said ” It is better to fail at originality that to suceed in imitation” but then he wrote books about one legged, whale fixated sea captains. Still, I think he might have a point, it’s a phrase that sort of sits at the heart of everything we do at Green Man Music. As most of you will know we currently promote music via a  couple of nights each month at The Victoria, Swindon under the name of Songs of Praise, a melting pot of new, local and out of town bands. All sorts of genes catered for from folk to indie, pop to metal, rock to acoustic, the weird and the wonderful, the new and the established, the only common denomonator is that all the bands are original acts.

Well, now we are branching out. As a way of catering for more bands and also hopefully to help Riffs Bar build up the custom in this difficult times, we are launching a second run of gigs, mainly Fridays and Saturdays and tentetivley called The Secret Chord. Due to the restraints of budget and geography we will probably be working with more locally based acts, at least to begin with. The  first shows will beging in mid-March and details will be up on out Facebook page as soon as they become available.

Go here and then the events tab for all our gigs –

The main reason for this message is to get the word out early and hopefully generate some interest in our new venture, your support is vital as if it proves to be something people are not interested in, a second run of gigs is not likely. With venues shuting, changing hands and often struggling to find audiences, radio support lessening for local music and council support also dwindling or their services undergoing price hikes, hopefully this will go some small way towards shoring up our music scene in these tricky times.

Please do not innudate us with offers, we know who we want to work with and if you are our sort of band we will get to hear about you. Really this is aimed at the punter. If your idea of supporting local bands is to just stick banners and memes up on social networking sites or you think that things will just jog along without you, think again. This is a chance to make sure we don’t lose any more of the infrastructure that has made the town so musically vibrant in the recent past.

Anyway just a heads up and keep checking for details of these and all our other gigs on the page given above.





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