The Driftwood Fairytales – The Beehive Swindon – Sunday 24th March 2013

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The Sunday afternoon of 24th March 2013 was always going to be good. Rich Millin was back in town. Rich, having left Swindon (where he is a musical legend), to live in Berlin with his new family, was back. He had returned to celebrate his birthday, and to play in the German band, The Driftwood Fairytale. Yes, he brought the band with him.

The afternoon started with a great set from Plummie Racket. Plummie has garnered for himself an enviable reputation as a writer/performer. He puts in so much of himself, and the audience loves him for it. As soon as he had finished, his trademark hood, was pulled down.

Next up was Black Sheep Apprentice…. Known throughout the…. Enough said…. You know ‘em. If they have slipped under your radar, I suggest you look up this fine band, and see for yourself. All good friends of Rich Millin (wonder drummer), Black Sheep Apprentice were short one member. Their drummer was missing. “The good looking one” (as was shouted out), wasn’t there. Millin was asked if he wanted the seat. “I’ll do one at the end”, he said. So, can a three guitar band play a decent set? Well, Black Sheep Apprentice can. They did. They even introduced new material, as did Plummie, beforehand. They played a fine set, with much energy and style. Millin sat in for the final few numbers, and reminded us all, as if it was needed, just how good a drummer he is.

The Driftwood Fairytales. A name I was not familiar with. I am now though! The classic rock band line up. Three guitars and drums. Most of the audience, here in Swindon, had come to see Millin. The band knew that, and mentioned it. We though, all know that Millin will only play in a band if he wants to…. and, if he rates them. There was a deal of good humoured banter as the band began to realize they were amongst friends, and music lovers. As soon as the band began to play, it was obvious we were in for a rare treat. The first few numbers were not too fast, but Millin was. He was playing relatively gently in keeping with the guitars, but I was awed by the sheer speed and accuracy of the drumming. A veritable master-class. As the songs became faster and louder, it became ever more clear that the musicianship from all, was absolutely top notch, as was the singing. All the songs were sung in English for our benefit, can you imagine us returning the favour? The band was loud, but musical. Every instrument was clear. The band meshed as one, and the songs were varied. The whole place was rocking, and it was all such incredible fun. What a fantastic band. What an incredible afternoon.

The Driftwood Fairytales commented favourably on the make-up of the audience. Of how we were of all ages. I wish he hadn’t been looking at me at the time, though. He seemed amazed we were treating the afternoon as a wonderful social event. Well, we do…. especially when the music has been that good. Would I see them again? Oh yes, try to stop me!


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