Library - 48By Joy Bells

‘The finest fury is the most controlled’ said controversial journalist Christopher Hitchens. He could have been talking about Strength in Blunders whose fire in the belly, smack in the face spontaneity is amplified by discipline, dedication and talent. Paradox rocks!


Here we have Jaseph York, vocals/guitar and Sam Fuller on drums. Between them they skin the fat pig of rock, crisscrossing the epidermis of their swine-punkery with melodic guitar and skewering the raw meat of their music with warp drive capability. The creative petri dish from which this EP was cultured produces expressive strands of musical bacteria which like all good germs spread quickly. Expect to be infected sometime soon.


 ‘The Hell I am’ filled with fluid, grammatically correct guitar throws mortars of sound like devices of battle, showering the air with sparks  and arrows that burn into the mind. If this was mathematics Jay’s guitar would show all the working out! Sam’s drumming drives through this lyrically ballsy number like an F1 Ferrari on Red Bull negotiates the corners of chorus and energetically heads for the finish line. ‘Won’t stop until you’re in the ground’ could be more prediction than comment.


Ditto the second song ‘No sequel for you’. A little bit Buzz Cock pop riven with a firmed up, more hard core ‘Atari’s’ sound. It’s a deftly dealt hand of melody that goes from a light rain to a cloud spearing hailstone frenzy, stabbing the ground and leaving a calling card of scattered ice; these songs stay with you after you’ve pulled the plug. Jay’s vocals haven’t lost the Jake Burns edge I detected last time I saw SIB play and given there’s only two of them they’re following the great Swindon tradition of Two Sick Monkeys!  (Though I hear that Blunders are now looking for a bassist if you’re interested)


Apparently 50% of all online sales go to Fender Music Foundation to help underprivileged kids learn to play music – so do it.
Find out more about them on their Facebook page at!/StrengthInBlunders?fref=ts