All about… Secret Chord Records

998421_485679921519249_985442100_nI thought I might take a break from the normal band review this week and talk about something pretty exciting for the Swindon music scene as a whole.

I will admit now that accusations of bias and even shameless self promotion could be levelled at me as it is a project that I am heavily involved in but when I tell you that the town now has a new record label, I think you will agree that it’s pretty exciting.

Secret Chord Records is a partnership between Green Man Music and Gig Monkey, both avid promoters of original music in the area, aiming to nurture, develop and release the music of bands who they feel are deserving of a wider audience.

If the idea is nothing new the attitude behind the label is hopefully something refreshing. Having already been described by one prominent music critic as “ a label with complete disregard for convention” the left field interests of the label are summed up by their first release.

Flies Off The Bride by Babies vs Rabies is a cavernous and aggressive wall of art punk noise aimed to fly in the face of the safe mainstream music we are constantly being spoon fed, a great calling card for the label and a challenge to the listening public to be more demanding in their music tastes. The album is out on October 31.

Other bands working with the label in various capacities include those mad scientists of pop, Super Squarecloud, the brit-punk meets Seattle grunge of Dead Royalties and Armchair Committee who mix dense alt-rock with heavy blues and warped Americana, all of which again indicates a commitment to the offbeat and under the radar.

With the record industry retreating ever further into impenetrable ivory towers the time is right for the growth of the independent label and maybe call back the halcyon days of Rough Trade, Factory, Postcard and all those other small labels that shaped this country’s music. Secret Chord Records aims to fly the flag for a whole raft of interesting bands many of whom you will find playing on your doorstep. Visit the (work in progress) website at


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