Dead Royalties, The Last of The Light Brigade and Kubris rock up to Riffs Bar

1185523_733143730045483_933052057_nEven though this show is not being advertised on Riffs Bars website, I would like to assure people that it is definitely taking place this Saturday.

Those who have saw Dead Royalties blow away all competition at this years Swindon Shuffle will already know that their seattle grunge meets brit-punk style is something not to be missed with future classic being fired off at a whim and a stage presence that hints at bigger things.

On a short tour from their native Guernsey, Last of The Light Brigade play exciting, modish, raw and melodic old school guitar indie-rock and have had the honour of being the last band to support Wilko Johnson.

Opening the show are Kubris, folk rock with a twist. At a turn they manage to sound like the heaviest band on the planet before dropping into intricate acoustic minimalism to come charging back up aiming for the jugular.

It’s going to be a good night. Be there.


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