AlhambraIn the same way that about 4000 people now claim to have been at the famous Sex Pistols Lesser Free Trade Hall gig (a 200 capacity venue that was actually less than half full) it will not be long until a similar number will be claiming to be one of the 40 actual people who watched Kodiak Jack at The Victoria in Swindon a few years back. Why? Well, just listen to their new album Alhambra and you will see what I mean about how people will want to be part of the creation myth once the band have headed off to inevitable and  bigger things.

Building on the critical success of their debut album, Your Death: My Glory, this new offering is eleven slices of hard as you like, grunge informed, old school rock.  Their perfect understanding of where the counterpoint of riff and melody collide head on is wonderfully displayed in the first single Brother. That said, such is the competence and quality of the song writing here that almost any one of the other ten tracks would have a healthy shelf life as a single in its own right.

Classic, Alt, grunge, rock ‘n’ roll…call it what you will, Kodiak Jack understand their place in history, the missing link between the rain swept charm of Soundgarden and the sun drenched riffs of Alter Bridge, and also on a line that links the raw-edge of The Stooges and anthemic majesty of Led Zeppelin.

The extra time and effort, not to mention money, that has gone into the making of this album (recorded in Sacramento with Brian Wheat of Tesla…a world away from their south of England stomping ground) really lifts this band out of the top local band category and places them on a level playing field with any of the current crop of bands in their genre. Guitar bands, it would seem, are back on the menu.