Talk in Code – Talk in Code (from The Ocelot, March ’14)

527815_10150777280026140_1530915930_nTalk in Code has had a rough ride over the course of their existence. Dad rock? A poor mans Coldplay? The usual stones cast by the music snobs who believe that any band employing prominent synth sounds should create byzantine music that at least pays homage to Cabaret Voltaire.  But the point that such arguments miss is, what’s wrong with the mainstream? What’s wrong with trying to get your music to as wide audience as possible? What’s wrong with selling records in large quantities? What’s wrong with success? And after all as a wise man once said, it’s not where you are from, it’s where you are at and Talk in Code are at a place that has a decent shot at that dream.

Their music is an effortlessly anthemic, stadium orientated sound that naturally evokes the image of fist in the air hordes reacting to every dynamic lift and soaring sing along chorus as the sun sets behind the stage on a warm summer night. One listen of their first single from the album, Make it Happen will confirm this.  But this album isn’t a one trick pony and the combination of poppy accessible melody, slick synth washes and at least one eye on the rock riff, be it guitar or keys led, means that any number of the songs would could have a life of their own as a chart single.

What this album offers is tunes…in spades, from the light and frothy Did You Say… to the big numbers such as Face to Face or Another Reason, a song that White Lies would have killed to write. Even the “lighter in the air” pop balladering of We Remain does its job without the schmaltz and cliché usually associated with this type of delivery whilst showing the versatility of the song writing.

For my money Talk In Code have weathered the critical storm and armed with this album are ready to make their mark on the music world at large. Critical acclaim on a few elitist backwater music blogs is all very well but it’s also great to see a band that are totally unabashed about their desire to make it in the wider world.


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