Through My Eyes – Emi McDade.

1798618_578068218943764_117457660_nLike or loathe Facebook it does have the ability to throw new music right into your lap when you least expect it to. In a week where there seemed to be nothing new to wax lyrical about, finding Emi McDade’s debut single, Through My Eyes, posted on a local music group was fortuitous timing to say the least. But more than that, what immediately struck me about the song was how out of character it is with current trends.


Most 16 year olds first tentative steps into music would be forgiven for following certain obvious templates. The Ellie Goulding childlike timbre, the mockney street-pop school of anti-diction or worse the over performing chancers of The Voice and other such fashionable comfort zones. Here, though there is nothing to forgive as Emi’s voice and the song as a whole, is everything those clichés are not. Only the video gives away her tender age, close your eyes and what you hear is a performance of timeless grace, maturity and crystal clear delivery.


Whilst the likes of Adele are plundering wholesale the 60’s back catalogue of the likes of Dusty Springfield, the resonance here is more wrapped up in the balladering end of 70’s song writing icons such as Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carole King. Like the vocals, the accompanying piano does just what it is supposed to, no unnecessary frippery, no showboating, just clean limbed structures that often say as much in the pauses, through the atmospherics, as through the notes themselves.


Emi McDade is everything modern music should be about instead of resorting to style over substance fakery and the fact that the song just appeared one day on my computer screen makes it’s beauty even more enjoyable.


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One Response to Through My Eyes – Emi McDade.

  1. Vickie says:

    Well done Emi I remember hearing you each wed at M childs rehearsals, you have come a long way from then until now expect exciting time ahead

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