1795764_10151912627284290_2105492537_nIt’s not often that Songs of Praise night at The Victoria hosts heavier line-ups, having built its current reputation largely on indie, pop, folk and alternative sounds. But one of the bands they have been championing for a number of years now is The Manic Shine and their appearance on any local bill should be enough to make any discerning rock or metal fan take heed. Whilst we do get a lot of bands termed “classic rock” playing in town, what The Manic Shine do is take the hallmarks of that genre – big riffs, tight and dexterous playing, energetic delivery (not to mention a wonderful array of beards) and use those key elements to push the genre forward.
By adding an array of technology, samplers, I-pads and more pedals than you would find at the Tour de France, they blend in a myriad of incidental soundscapes, electronic washes and additional layering which when added to the byzantine heavy drives and infectious nature of their songs, rejuvenates the often tired ghost of rock and roll and drags it kicking and screaming into, not only the here and now but towards an altogether brighter future.
It’s the sound of virtuoso playing meeting the possibilities that modern technology offers, it is the sound of past musical high points being imbued with future possibilities, of man meeting machine. But at no point do they use all of these clever additions as a crutch to lean on, strip  it all away and you still have some of the finest rock players and one of the most charismatic bands on the circuit today. Put the two together though and you quite simply have the future of rock music. My only question is…where were all you rock and metal fans who have recently been very vocal about your preferred genre not being represented in this town?