Right lets be having you then!

Are you a lead guitar player?

Are you creative & intuitive?

Are you energetic and passionate about music?

Well then, Oscillator needs you.

We are 3 loons in our prime (40’s) and there really is no end to our raw and passionate energy in our original style of Great British rock. Iterests are far reaching and widespread from the beginning of time to the modern day picking up influences along the way from the likes of The Doors, Jim Jones Review, Bunnymen, Waterboys, The Who, Elvis, Led Zep, Foo Fighters, Velvet Underground, Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Fleetwood Mac, Rockabilly, Punk, Blues, Rock and Roll and on and on…..

Oh and by the way, we are looking for a lead guitar player not a rhythm and no, not Eric Clapton or Slash either. Any more messages from either of you two and we will report you. All the rest of you can check out the link below. No limits on age but if you turn up and play Take That or 1D, we will kill you.


Get in touch and join us for a jam.