Sounds Around Town – 13th – 19th August ’15

314362_234874499903113_2059198390_nRecent events have caused me to think that live music has lost it’s magic for many of you. It used to be a revered thing, something that put the makers of it on a pedestal but now I think that has changed. Changes such as when someone is setting up a microphone stand at a pub soundcheck and they are asked “Is it karaoke tonight?” or when a punter watches an acoustic player deliver a set of beautiful, original folk songs and then asks if he knows Mr Brightside by that band Kasabian. After all if you went to watch Warhorse at the theatre would you ask the actors to throw in your favourite bits from Hamlet?

And when did recording the bands set on an i-phone become preferable to actually being in the moment? Or spending the entire gig looking at your phone and showing your mates your latest app that simulates a candle or something equally banal. Live music is about a rapport between the act and the audience, live the moment, let yourself be affected by the performance, go where the music takes you. And buy a CD on the way out! So with those thoughts firmly noted, phones turned off and an open mind, here are some gigs to go and enjoy.

One of the things I love about the post-genre world music finds itself in these days is that it allows bands such as Cabin Boy Jumped Ship to exist. Hardcore meets electronica, dance meets metal – trance-core? Djent-step? Algorithmic metal? Call it what you will it is certainly unique. Support takes a more punk-pop turn thanks to With Ghosts and Saint (the) Sinner and it is all to be found at The Victoria tonight.

Friday takes on a retro-roots vibe, firstly with stalwarts The Teddy White Band bringing their beat, boogie and rhythm ‘n’ blues to The Rolleston and The Roughnecks playing around in similar waters up at The Victoria. At The Beehive The Andre Bisson Rhythm and Blues Experience show us how Canadians approach the same territory. The roots element can be found down at The Locomotive courtesy of Grubby Jack (pictured). This trio mix hypnotic banjo with high velocity fiddle breaks to deliver timeless folk tunes from The Old World and The New that will have you dancing in no time.

Level 3 is the location for Beats and Bars 3rd show, this time featuring UK Hip-Hop Legend Skinnyman. But it isn’t just home grown talent on offer as New Jersey rapper Rich Quick and Chicago producer Rediculus also join the bill and with around a dozen live acts and DJ’s taking part this has got to be the hottest party in town this week and tickets are moving fast.

There is a full day of music and family fun taking place at The Castle on Saturday kicking off at midday. Food, face painting, raffles and other activities will keep the kids happy and there is music of an acoustic nature from Mel Hughes, Steve Leigh, Plummie Racket, Nick Felix with full band sets from Southern Harmony and Black Cat rounding the day off. All proceeds go to Prospect Hospice so this makes for the perfect way to spend the day.

Pop-Punk is the order of the day down at The Locomotive with As The Sun Sleeps and Goodbye The Sun (seems to be a theme there) so expect some energetic stage antics, song along choruses and big riffs from both bands.

It’s always great to see The Rolleston break from its cover band preferences and offer some original classic rock. Voodoo Vegas have worked out that whilst there is no point trying to re-invent the wheel you can still take it for a spin and pull some neat tricks with it. Expect everything that is iconic about old school, street rock. Fans of G’n’R will love this one.

At Riffs Bar Wallflower lead an altogether more atmospheric rock charge as they bring their current tour package that includes Water Canvas and Rain to town. If the previous gig repackages past glories for the modern audience, this collection of bands is a more forward looking option. Local bands Heriot and Sahara Heights open the night.

And finally a couple of more chilled options for you, firstly in the form of Steve Leigh who plays a Sunday afternoon session at the wonderful Baila Coffee and Vinyl and then Ells and The Southern Wild and their dark edged folk on Wednesday at The Roaring Donkey.


About Dave Franklin

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