Two things have struck me as being a bit odd recently. Firstly as a result of some of the things I have levelled at rock cover bands via my Adver column some people think that I hate rock music. Secondly there has also been some mutterings in the usual quarters that Songs of Praise just promotes indie music. We may not promote rock music as heavily as other promoters do, but when we do it is to bring you something special.


Look at this Saturday at The Locomotive for instance, you can catch national circuit stalwarts, The Manic Shine, a slice of technical, heavy rock that Fireworks Magazine described as “ the new Royal Blood.”

12063339_883764801711266_4947731771066786506_nThey are supported by Bristol’s Lionface a pop aware blend of rock and industrial sounds who Sound of Confusion thought were“sonically stunning.”

10354096_404715793024462_9220940296262886703_nOn 5th November we have a bill of indoor rock fireworks with a heavy stoner/desert rock/grunge vibe with those musical beasts Rewire The Time Machine, a local collection of experienced musicians who sound like QOTSA scoring a David Lynch soundtrack.

11136672_624430227688261_5934769575190888002_nSupport for that one comes from Kamino, driving and soaring guitar rock underpinned with waves of electronica, a sound that is both big and clever.


And finally at the end of November we have Echoic, who feature this week in Kerrang Magazine, a brilliant slab of textured alt-rock that ticks so many boxes of the contemporary rock music consumer.


And they are joined by the angular rock and melodic machinations of Salisbury’s middlenamekill.

Check out the Songs of Praise event page for the dates and locations of these great original bands coming to town over the next month or so. Rock music isn’t just to be found in the same old places in town so break a few traditions, check out some fresh, new bands and support original music. Remember, if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got…or something.