12189445_1695473650684801_1355004113238000662_oIt’s certainly not a gentle introduction to Friday’s Songs of Praise bill at The Victoria in Swindon. First band up are Molotov Sexbomb from Witney and they lay out their noisy and forceful stall early on in the set.

They deal in Garage and post-Punk and from the first notes, the music takes up a position about six inches in front of your face and eyeballs you without a break until the final chord dies away.

Craig Holtom is a really excellent vocalist, powerful but never descending into a shout and swaps both lead and rhythm guitar duties with Damien Beale who also adds spot-on backing vocals. The rhythm section of Steve Bernard on fluid and thunderous bass (and unamplified vocals) and Murry Burrnett on drums is rock solid, as it needs to be for this type of sustained attack – and Burrnett’s unflashy approach is an object lesson for drummers who believe that the more animated you are, the more effective you are.

Very fine and thoroughly enjoyable set.

Here’s some sounds – https://myspace.com/molotovsexbomb/music/songs

Full Photo set  –  Here

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