November 29th  SWiNE are holding a multi-disciplinary event at The Victoria, set to challenge, inspire, provoke and fascinate from 4:30 for absolute no entry costs at all – and for ages 14+.

The bill thus far:

4:45: Josh Wolfsohn – a dynamic and charismatic singer-songwriter; who blends alternative, folk and pop elements in with his strong songwriting abilities and natural musicianship.

5:20: Promo

5:45: Loopey & Honey – an avant garde musical duo who specialise in modernist influenced composition as well as noise-rock and electronica, they base their pieces around improvisation and strange sets of instructions to create challenging and incendiary live sets that are never the same.

6:20: Wilf Steenbergen – a idiosyncratic and thought provoking poet with a unique presence and style that shines through in his performance and writing

6:45: Kid Calico & The Astral Ponies (trio) – a special stripped down and adapted performance of 3 of the 5 astral ponies, who’s multitude of influences and distinctive creative thought-processes have had them labelled as everything from ‘Anglicana’ to ‘Biscuit Stomp’.

7:30: ‘What Manner of Fresh Hell Is This?’ A short film – is a realistic and visceral film exposing the routines of alcoholics in stark monochrome, created by the prolific and idiosyncratic production channel: ‘WetToe Productions’

7:55: TBA poetry performance

8:25: Diagonal People – explosive and dynamic group of youths whose influences and aspirations stretch so wide they’ve become self-apointedly ‘Post-Genre’; their live sets are full of spectacle, strange noises and inventive expression

9:30: ‘Adagio: A Fable about Everything for Children’ (short film) – an aesthetically striking and simplistically poetic visual adaption of Rachmaninov’s 2nd Concerto’s 2nd movement; from the GoldMan films team, an aspiring young group of filmmakers

9:50: Sahara Heights – A lively and energetic young indie band who keep getting more and more popular, music that’s rooted in modern day psych-pop with a very fine-tuned finish and sound – with experienced performance skills to sweeten the deal.

It’s set to be a special and unique showcase of local auteurs’ aspiring creativity and ambition that will also provide thought provoking weekend entertainment.
So get down and get promoting for us! Thanks – Can’t wait!
More info TBA.