Kamino @ The Victoria, Swindon – 5th November.(words and photos courtesy of Geoffrey Head)

12049204_1695691823996317_7380164194924267062_nThere’s more leather onstage at The Victoria than at a biker’s convention as Kamino kick off the second instalment of the Songs of Praise bill on Thursday night.

I was flattened by their debut video of ‘Antidote’ only a week ago and wonder mischievously whether they can recreate that incredible sound outside the studio. Stupid boy…

This is an absolutely belting set. They bill themselves as ‘alternative rock’ but as well as the trademark chunky guitars, there’s elements of melodic metal, some Proggy and Pompy bits, reinforced by Bec Jevons’ sweeping keyboard work and the whole thing rocks flows and rocks like a ride down white-water rapids.

This is not a band for shoe-gazing either – they move, they bounce, they sing – oh, do they sing… Apart from drummer Chris Taylor, sporting a headcam throughout the set and giving a fine display of driving the frequently complex passages on, the whole band sings and sings very well indeed. Ed Taylor is a fine and charismatic frontman with a superb voice, putting every ounce of energy into the performance, sometimes teetering precariously on the apron of the stage. He swaps riffs and rhythm on his frankly lush black SG with Paul Edwards, whose crisp and economical soloing cuts through sound tech Darren Simons’ near-perfect mix while Dan Jevons unobtrusive and fluid bass lines perfectly complement the overall smoothness of the sound.

When ‘Antidote’ arrives it comes off stage like a train – and many Brownie points to the band for not kicking off the set with it – but the honours tonight are reserved for the closer ‘Northern Lights’, a great lengthy slab of flowing, melodic sound which brings to an end a relatively brief but very high quality performance.

Go and see this band – absolutely marvellous…

To see what I mean, you can watch ‘Antidote’ here – enjoy!



Full photo-set  – HERE

The images, which were taken in available light, are Copyright Geoffrey Head 2015. Please do not reproduce without permission and a credit. Thanks everyone, it’s important.


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