1513283_506512192781069_1956845908_nA week may be a long time in politics but 10 years is certainly a long time in gig promotion and that’s how long Songs of Praise has been going. Blimey! Conceived as a way to support and promote the local original scene it has, under a revolving door of visionaries, music snobs, geeks and fantasists become one of the corner stones of original music in Swindon. Tonight it is time to celebrate that fact with a showcase of great bands and party at the Victoria and you are all invited.

Tonight’s line up is a bit of an all-star cast. It opens up in a fairly gentle way with the acoustic folk pop of Canute’s Plastic Army before launching into the wonderful post-punk referencing King In Mirrors (pictured) …there’s even a clue in the name. It moves up a notch with the punked up Americana of Raze*Rebuild before rounding off with masters of the cosmic jam Port Erin. And on a personal note it is also my birthday so lots of reasons to come along and celebrate.


If that doesn’t sound like your personal cup of Darjeeling then maybe The Sitting Tenants at The Beehive is more to your taste – original, modish, power pop with a classic rhythm and blues foundation and hints of psych and soul.


And the retro theme continues on to Friday. At The Victoria stalwarts of the punkabilly circuit The Corsairs can be found delivering psychobilly, punk, rockabilly and ska vibes whilst at The Beehive you can catch the brilliantly named Count Bobo and The Bullion. This 6 piece ska and rocksteady band blend saxophones, organ and vocal harmonies together to drive a very authentic retro Jamaican sound.


The Rolleston plays host to the return of The Lewis Creaven Band. Electric blues-rock with plenty of groove, they lay out a stall of classic songs from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pat Metheny and of course Mr Hendrix…it would be rude not to.


For a more diverse party pack you might want to head to The Locomotive for Interlight. One of the premier function bands on the circuit, not to mention the band who played the first night of the venue, these boys are the definition of a great night out, all the hits you want to hear, played with precision and delivered with humour and fun.


Saturday is where we see the big name tribute acts coming to town. At The Victoria you can find Nirvana UK who will be recreating all the grunge and glory, raw musical subversivness and classic songs of the Seattle scenes most famous sons. Going back further in time but no less iconic, The Doors of Perception re-enact the dark majesty and psychedelic dreamtime of the Lizard King and his musical minions at The Rolleston. For something a bit more across the board you could opt for Happy Accident at The Swiss Chalet, rock and indie from across the last few decades.


Fans of classic glam-pop can get their fill on Sunday at The Castle with a tribute to quite simply one of the most commercially successful acts in history Abba.


Finally we round things off, as we normally do, with a mention for Wednesday’s show at Roaring Donkey which features Ells and The Southern Wild. Currently operating as a 2-piece you will still find the same mix of folk-rock and acoustica, gorgeous melody and some darker undercurrents all wrapped up in the confident song writing of Ells Ponting.


A shorter list this week, whether that is due to less bookings or less information being easily available, I’m not sure but if you are a venue running live music it’s probably worth your while letting me know about it. What’s the worst that can happen? (Don’t answer that!)