13770448_10153879878179422_708032630940904024_nWith the rise of the Pokémon Go madness, I’ve had a great idea of how to invigorate the local music scene. Pokeband Go. Same concept but the avatars of the local bands and artists that you have to capture can only be found in the bar or venue that they are playing in. You can then take them to a “gym” – normally a music or record shop – to battle with other players. You get awarded candies for buying band merchandise and stardust signing up to their mailing list. What do you reckon? If imaginary Japanese cartoon creatures can become a worldwide phenomena, surely this has a chance. Right? Maybe not.

Anyway, down to business… but if that concept did ever see the light of day, tonight would offer some rare and sought after treats. At The Victoria, Dead Frequency (pictured) brings a high-octane glam-punk show to town with the pomp and ceremony of Van Halen and the punk-pop influences of Green Day. Support comes in the form of a rare outing for Sea Mammal, a swirling tsunami of mathy and moody art-punk noise and cavernous rock experimentation.


After much internet searching in the backwaters of the “lack of information, superhighway”, I can reveal that The Revelator, playing at The Beehive tonight is actually three very familiar faces taking a rootsy route, musically speaking. Enigmatic or what?


Friday sees another partnership between Pighill Promotions and The MECA, this time to bring you Guns 2 Roses, “the worlds most successful Guns ‘n’Roses tribute band” apparently. Bringing the looks, the musical authenticity, the confrontation and the charisma of the original line up, this is the closest you will get to re-living their glory days. Support comes from Saints of Sin a band clearly influenced by such glam-metal greats and pursuing the same street rock sound.


Elsewhere there are plenty of cover bands charged with bringing you the music that you know and love. At The Swiss Chalet, Danger Mouse (the local covers band not the American producer who hangs around with David Lynch and Sparklehorse) plays every genre and every era and in a strange cartoon connection Penfold do something similar at Riffs Bar. (“Good Grief! It’s Mad Manuel, the Flamingo Assassin!”…Sorry got a bit carried away there.) The Bright Eyes, who may or may not take their name from the animated film of Watership Down but who are definitely not the band featuring Conor Oberst will be providing the sound track to long-serving bar manager Linda’s leaving party at The Victoria. Come and say thank you for all her hard work, drink and be merry…what’s the worst that could happen?


At The Rolleston you will find lively reggae, funk, pop, rock and soul…”big cover choons” from the 70’s onwards courtesy of Groove X.


This is also one of two chances to catch the Young Vintage put a new spin on rock’n’roll classics firstly at The Tawny Owl.

At the Victoria on Saturday the new, re-upholstered Black Sheep Apprentice can be found headlining. After a few years of not quite firing on all cylinders a lot of the time, it seems to have finally all fallen into place and everything that they promised is now being delivered. The songs were always there but now deft bass lines and tight drums drive a top line which wanders between the dark musings of the Man in Black and the punked up alt-country of Whiskeytown. Gram Parsons is keeping the score. Joining them are gothabilly explorers Terra 45 and the ubiquitous George Wilding.


At The Rolleston The Road Zombies bring a wild yet musically focused weave of punk, roots rock, rockabilly and country and The Vooz bring their own unique brand of Indie-punk to Level 3 supported by rock and indie covers from The Primates. Other cover options come with the blatantly honest In IT For The Money at The Woodlands Edge, Down and Dirty pulling out the rock classics at The Sun and a second chance to see Young Vintage, this time at The Wheatsheaf in Erin Street.


Finally on Wednesday, The Roaring Donkey plays hosts to one of its most popular bookings, Phil Cooper, whose way with words and well-crafted acoustic pop has charmed the place on a number of occasions. If you are unaware of him, this is your chance to get ahead of the curve.