14468193_10153789195910025_4105194703030807599_oIt’s nice to see another week where Swindon continues to embrace original and often out of town bands, if nothing else it gives me nothing to moan about as the length of this introduction attests to.


Flight Brigade, George Wilding Band and TriAmi @ The Victoria

If some of the recent big names have hailed from a slightly earlier time, Flight Brigade (pictured) is a band bang on the moment. Festival favourites, beloved by bloggers and journalists and adored by the more adventurous side of the national radio posse and tonight you get to see why. If the idea of a folk heartbeat wrapped in layers of indie cool, rock drive and pop sensibility and then delivered with energy and style doesn’t get your blood pumping then you may as well give up on music and go back to your Stephanie Meyer novels and your collection of vintage manhole covers as it doesn’t get much better than this.

Support comes from George Wilding as a full band show, which will enable him to fully explore the textured sounds that made his recent e.p. so compelling and the delicate folktronic creations of TriAmi.

Zetan Spore @ The Beehive

Up from their Cornish lair, arch-druids of psy-trance, Zetan Spore returns to The Beehive tonight for more of their strange musical fusions. For those not in the know (and if not why not?) this hard dance duo mix pulsing trance and clinical techno-beats with more organic tribal breaks and psychedelic sounds. The overall effect is one of intensity and euphoria aided by the energy of the performers and enhanced by the hypnotic lighting they throw in. Now imagine it taking place in the compact and bijou setting of The Beehive. Got it? This is an experience that you need to check out.

Not bad for a cold night in a provincial railway town.


Bobby The Persuader’s 20th anniversary show – The Waterbirds, Plummie Racket and The Dicemen + Kid Calico and the Astral Ponies

Friday sees a celebration of 20 years in the business for one of the towns most popular old-school DJ’s. Before the world of mixing, beat matching and midi controllers, DJing came down to one crucial thing; select music that keeps the dance floor busy. And if that relies on impeccable taste in music, there is none better than Bobby The Persuader. Joining his celebration of 2 decades in the business are The Waterbirds and their psych-soul freak-outs, the beautiful punk-indie chaos of Plummie Racket and The Dicemen and the quintessentially English take on a psychedelic E Street Band that is Kid Calico and The Astral Ponies.

Misfires @ The Castle

One of a clutch of radio friendly, commercially savvy yet cool and original young indie bands to be breaking at the moment, Misfires are worth catching before they get that step up the ladder and cease to be a local concern.


Non Canon + Sad Song Co. @ Baila Coffee and Vinyl

Sunday afternoon brings a real gem for those who keep an eye on the alternative acoustic circuit. Known for the howling maelstrom and caustic lyricism that is Oxygen Thief, Barry Dolan brings his new musical vehicle, Non Canon, to Baila Coffee and Vinyl. Here the aggression and drive is replaced with atmosphere and expectation but rather than being a mere return to basics the music is as exploratory and challenging as anything he has done. Support for this afternoon gig is none other than Sad Song Co. the side project of Nigel Powell when he isn’t drummer as part of Frank Turner’s band.



Case Hardin, Black Sheep Apprentice + Tamsin Quin @ The Victoria

As part of a short regional tour the excellent Case Hardin are back in Swindon. If you like your music tinged with Americana, old world folk, blues and country rock, still have a hankering for early Ryan Adams albums and clever narrative songs and enjoy watching musically elegant and lyrically eloquent bands, then this is the band for you.
Add to that musical cornucopia the darker and more angst ridden Clash meets Cash of Black Sheep Apprentice, now really hitting their musical stride with a solid new line up and the seductive tones and charismatic charms of Tamsin Quin and you have a real winner.

Anna Neale and Tom Harris @ The Rolleston

On Wednesday you can catch Songs of Praise returnee Anna Neale at The Rolleston, an exotic blend of dreamy acoustica and ancient narratives plus Tom Harris – better known as the front man of hard rockers Kinasis. It shouldn’t work as a bill but believe me it does.