10354096_404715793024462_9220940296262886703_nYou know how people say that no big names ever come to Swindon or if they do they are some pop sensation and play in the cavernous, acoustic hell that is the Oasis? You know how people still go on about that time that (insert generic cover band name) played a half decent version of a Queens of the Stone Age song? You know how most original bands are not as good as cover bands? Well all those arguments get blown out of the water tonight as Avon plays The Victoria. Avon? Yes, Avon. Not only named after a QOTSA song but also featuring their original drummer, who also happened to be the original drummer for Kyuss, the band that spawned them. So options are go and watch a cover band on the basis that you will get to hear songs from your record collection or go and watch a guy who helped put them there. And therein lies the crux of the big debate I guess.


Avon, Rewire The Time Machine, Phoxjaw @ The Victoria

So as mentioned above, not only is this band driven by the drumming prowess of Alfredo Hernandez of Kyuss and QOTSA repute but their members have also graced the ranks of Yawning Man and Airbus. As expected their music encompasses desert blues, stoner rock and heavy psychedelia and so having Rewire The Time Machine (pictured) and Phoxjaw on the bill makes for an alt-rock wet dream.

Jim Reynolds @ The Beehive

Regular visitor to The Beehive, Jim is an expert at taking the lost sounds of blues, folk, cowboy campfire songs, music hall and other old time styles and blending them into songs that are both nostalgic and refreshingly original.


Tin Spirits @ Riffs Bar

Although best know for being a member of spiky post-punk popsters XTC, Tin Spirits reveal in a more proggy sort of sound. Mixing originals with some wonderful standards of the genre this gig is a local warm up before the band head off to Tokyo.

Prita @ The Beehive

Another regular booking for this venue steers the musical ship that is her European Tour into UK waters. This Australian chanteuse blends soul, folk and hip-hop via live looping, fantastic melody and a flawless vocal delivery, fans of Norah Jones and the mighty KT (Tunstall) need to catch this.

2 Sick Monkeys, Junky Gibbons and Dirty Outlaws @ The Locomotive

This is one destined to wake up the drum and bass and karaoke set, which seem to be the mainstay of The Locomotives crowd these days. 2 Sick Monkeys are regarded as local legends around these parts and the only reason that they haven’t been given the keys to the town is that they would only go and lose them. If you like the idea of a 2-piece delivering sweary punk rants interspersed by sweary punk songs then these are the boys for you. They are joined by a musical tour de force that everyone thought had long disappeared into local music legend, Junky Gibbons; a band of no fixed haircut that revel in uncompromising and surreal tunes. Also on the bill are The Dirty Outlaws, the new kids on the punk and Oi block.


Ells and The Southern Wild @ The Rolleston

Leaving Saturday in the hands of “covers, thieves, fools and pretenders” as Mike Scott might have put it and we find the Songs of Praise unplugged sessions continue to establish their residency at their new home of The Rolleston this time with melancholic and emotive piano led folk from Ells and The Southern Wild. And just a reminder that Ells recently shaved her hair off to raise money for MacMillan so why not return the favour by supporting her band and their musical endeavors