13576874_832345986903046_7132549823957230697_oIt is strange observing the backlash you see on social media in response to people’s tributes to recently deceased musicians. The latest was over the loss of Leonard Cohen, an artist I came to fairly late but one whose blend of the profound and the profane, romance, religion, sex and heart aching emotion put to melancholic and minimalist music ticked so many boxes for me. I get that he is not everyone’s cup of tea and possibly like Dylan or Neil Young isn’t always the best person to deliver the brilliant songs he wrote.

What I find odd is during those moments of reflection as people pour out their feelings (though in the case of Cohen it was mainly people doing bad versions of Jeff Buckley’s take on the one song they knew) some people always have to chip in and say how much they didn’t like the person in question. I’m all for free speech and all that but would you stand at the back of a funeral and quip about how you didn’t really like the fellow as the casket disappears behind the curtains. To be honest, I just hope that I go before Mike Scott does, the thought of wall to wall versions of Fisherman’s Blues (it’s only 4 chords and The Whole of The Moon would be too much like hard work) taking over my feed is not something I look forward too.


Anyway, to horse….



Horizon + Luckless @ The Victoria

Local indie hotshots Horizon have announced this as their last show, at least in this format. What that means is up for grabs but could be anything from a new name to a whole new direction. Either way, this is the end of one chapter and the start of another so why not catch this transient show and help them put the first part of the story to bed.

Opening the show is Luckless, a solo artist who ticks enough on-trend boxes as to make her cooler than the other side of the pillow. Originally from New Zealand, based in Berlin and pushing a musical agenda of raw, guitar soundscaping that references the likes of PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse and Warpaint. How cool is that?

Foregate Street Blues Band @ The Beehive

Blues the way it used to be is what they promise so if acoustic driven, old time blues with harmonica blending through the middle and a mix of familiar standards and some originals is your thing, you know what to do.


Bare Knuckle Parade, Raze*Rebuild and Monkfish @ Level III

Bath indie-folk rockers Bare Knuckle Parade bring their self-styled ‘sing until your jaw is broken’ drinking songs and incendiary live show to town. They veer between the full on indie-rock urges of their recent single Come Alive (highly recommended) and tunes that are better labeled “roots.” Either way they are a high energy and thoroughly entertaining live proposition.

Support comes from the country-core anthems of locals Raze*Rebuild, a blend of punk energy, poetic and poignant lyrics and the same American incendiary heartland rock as the likes of The Gaslight Anthem and Chuck Ragan work with. Opening the night is the dark and desolate Americana of Monkfish, imagine Andrew Eldritch writing reverb drenched country songs for a David Lynch film.

Truckstop Lizard @ The Beehive

More conventional sounds from similar generic springboards can be found up the hill with a new musical outfit made up of familiar faces. The wonderfully named Truckstop Lizard is a country rock band that pack in a whole lot of sass, swing and southern fried groove.
After that we get the usual weekend deluge of tributes and covers that is not my brief or even my inclination to write about until we arrive at….


Darren Martin @ The Rolleston

A global troubadour and musical traveller, with Darren Martin dexterously picked tunes and eloquent narratives are the order of the day and what better way to break up the week?