13054996_823594491078335_3518252429045520504_oThursday continues to be the night for new, original music and it doesn’t get more original than the offering at The Beehive tonight. Paddy Steer is an enigma, a juxtaposition of seemingly conflicting interests and challenging ideas, angular electronics blended with lo-fi, futuristic soul, trance-dance meanderings and swirling vocal washes. You could call it world music, but just not this world.

Something a bit easier to define but no less original can be found at The Tuppenny, a venue already forging a fantastic reputation for its music bookings, this time delivering the welcome return of Lewis Clark. Normally found fronting The Essentials, even in solo mode Lewis’ trademark soulful and dexterous acoustica, western songmanship meets eastern grooves and lyrical acumen is as potent as ever. Support comes from the always-sublime Emily Jane Sheppard.


If you would rather spend a night soaking up music you are already familiar with then The Shadow Monkeys at The Victoria will be delivering upbeat rock, pop, indie and funk anthems from throughout the ages.


And if that is the sort of night that ticks all the right boxes for you, head back to the venue on Friday for a swath of indie-rock from 70’s 80’s and 90’s courtesy of Vice Versa.


At The Swiss Chalet you can catch songs from all almost every genre and every era of the contemporary musical age as Danger Mouse lay out their musical stall whilst Classic Rock is on the menu at The Rolleston courtesy of Damn Good Reason, so expect all the riotous riffing and thunderous drives that you associate with the genre.


And in an “if you like that, you’ll like this” sort of way, The Rolleston offers a second helping of classic rock and metal on Saturday, this time from Hot Flex, a band known for delivering the goods with all the required style and energy.


The Victoria continue to explore new possibilities for the music venue in the modern age, this time with a Buslife Records programed night of deep underground house music. Pete Woosh of DIY Sound System and Buslife Records own Country Gents will be curating a night of soul and jazz infused deep house. Time to get your 120bpm groove on.


And the dance vibe is one that will be felt across town that night. Syntronix will be reliving the glory days of 80s synth pop at The Woodlands Edge. Remember when a load of post-punk, techno visionaries threw the rockist rulebook away, bought synths and created eerie, clinical and vaguely menacing dance tunes before emerging out the other side as emotive and cinematic pop? Well, that is pretty much the parameters of the Syntronix set.


A bop and a boogie is also the order of the day at The Swiss Chalet as Felix and The Funk bring a set list of all the classic sounds of soul, disco, dance, pop and of course funk to act as the soundtrack to your night. Get your dance shoes buffed up and bust out your signature moves.


The Castle is the place to find the boozy blues legends The Hamsters From Hell, a contradiction of great music and puerile lyrics but always a raucous night out. Not for the faint hearted.


On Sunday the same venue host Elvis Night, not to be confused with Elvish Night, which presumably is much more centered around songs about distant stars and epic journeys, and sounding a lot more like an Enya gig than the tribute to the hip-swiveling, rock’n’roll rebel that this actually is.


All of which brings us back round to The Victoria on Wednesday for the infamous Wacky Wednesday, a mid-week, booze fueled karaoke session like no other.