14237531_1240827289282248_7951811395618466435_nI occasionally get people asking why I don’t mention gigs going on in this bar or that venue. Well, it isn’t through lack of trying. Obviously I can only collate what information is available on line (I can’t wander around every pub in town hunting for event posters or knowledgeable bar staff) and about a week ahead of the event (believe it or not this isn’t just thrown together at the last minute.)

But that isn’t too much to ask is it? Surely any promoter or venue worth their salt is keen to advertise their events far and wide both digitally and physically and do so in good enough time for people to work it into their social calendars. After all it would be churlish to not do so and then moan that no one comes to the gigs you put on, wouldn’t it? After all would you go to all the effort of preparing a sumptuous dinner party and complaining that no one turned up when you went to the effort of leaving the invitations underneath the rubbish bins of the neighbours of your would be guests an hour before you served the entrees and popped the cork on the Chateauneuf du Pape?


So my point is, if I, a veteran live music truffle-pig, can’t find the gig info then the chances are that there is a whole swathe of gig goers who are ignorant to it as well. Same moan, different day. So on to the short, and sweet list of options for this week.


Thankfully there is an air of quality over quantity, beginning with a bit of a gem at The Victoria. Although Songs of Praise have stepped back somewhat, probably to spend more time with their record collections, they haven’t gone away altogether and tonight they pop their head over the ramparts with the Swindon leg of Gaz Brookfield’s (pictured) latest tour. Promoting his new album, I Know My Place, this is the only full band show on the tour, so not only do you get a raft of new material, the deft and energetic song writing, and the charisma and fun of a GB show, you get it at full tilt. Support comes from the punk drive, widescreen roots groove of Raze*Rebuild and opening the night is the charming, witty and elegant songs of Nick Parker.


Staying at The Victoria, the following night sees the musical eclecticism that is Willie and The Bandits take the stage. Roots, rock and world music influences form the core of their sound but they then put this through a psychedelic and cinematic blender to create a huge and unique sound. Support comes from Blackballed, a groovesome trio of grungy blues and swaggering rock riffs.


If something of a more commercial bent and funky sound is to your taste then Coleview Community Centre is the place to be as Felix and The Funk bring the disco, pop, soul and aforementioned funk along, not only for your delectation but to raise money for The Radiotherapy Appeal. Nice to see a good cause and good music working in tandem.


If you prefer a night that ticks boxes across the decades and hops genres at a whim, then you have two choices. At The Groves Company Inn you will find The Bright Eyes and at The Swiss Chalet The Meccano Men will be laying out a suitable and similar stall.


On Saturday, The Groove Radicals will be at The Swiss Chalet delivering a swathe of funk, soul and disco classics and at The Victoria The Swindon Hog Wild Scooter Club are holding their annual gathering. Scooter ownership not essential but a love of Ska, Mod, 2-Tone, Northern Soul and New Wave is as that is what the club DJ’s will be spinning all night.


And so soon we find ourselves at Wednesdays options and as usual the best way to break up the week is with the jam session at The Regent followed by Wacky Wednesdays karaoke chaos at The Victoria.


So if your gig isn’t listed here then maybe there is something you can do about it. Make sure your website didn’t die in November 2106, target your audience through event pages, send the information to people like me. In short….tell people about it!!!!

(Apologies for the excessive use of exclamation marks, but this is important folks.)