23737694_1197292103706164_1036619967639662373_o-1If the term Folk-Punk implies a blend of deftly wrought tunes and vibrant energy, old school charm and a rabble-rousing soul, then Davey Malone could indeed be the poster boy for such a movement. Temporarily ditching his band,The Longtails, and heading out on his first solo tour he comes to The Victoria tonight armed with comedic and cautionary takes, poignant political and thought provoking prose, charisma and rough hewn elegance.

At The Beehive you will find the beat and boogie, rhythm and musical rhyme of The Teddy White Band who plunder the back catalogue of underground classics, revive and rejuvenate a host of songs you had almost forgotten about from a time when music mattered more than record sales and people were, quite frankly, much better dressed.

And talking of times gone by, you may have heard of Lee Graham as a columnist or via his “Passport to The Sun” TV appearances relating to his Majorcan bar, but if I said to you that his more usual stage name is Leapy Lee, you would immediately say,“Little Arrows.” Well, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then but you can catch him and his Country and Sixties Singalong set at The Beehive on Friday.

Having made a name and reputation for himself with gothic metallers Cradle of Filth, Dani Filth (pictured)also moonlights as the front man with creepy, heavy and indelibly groovy rockers Devilment, who will be possessing Level III on Friday. Support comes from intense and incendiary metalcore outfit Ursus and the technical and more mathy metal of local boys Merithian.

If you like the sound of an old school rock’n’roll revue style show then The Groves Company Inn is the place to be as Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue delivers a set of classic and classy sounding soul infused, blues driven rock’n’roll. At The Queen’s Tap you can catch FAB 208 and a set of glam rock favourites.

Two offerings of songs you know and love can be had at The Grange Bar with rock covers from Alive and Kicking and at The Castle as the most honestly named band on the circuit, In It For The Money, cover all musical bases both in terms of genre and era.

The British Blues bloom of the sixties is echoed by a mix of gritty, raw and energetic originals and covers at The Castle on Saturday as Poplar Jake and The Delta Review blend Mississippi mud and Chicago smoke to create their own unique generic blend. Vintage rock’n’roll, blues and beat is also on the cards at The Merlin courtesy of Mystery Train.

As is often the way the remainder of Saturday is more about the music you already know than the music you are let to fall in love with, but there is plenty to suit all tastes, ages, genres and musical proclivities! Starting at the weightier end of the scale, The Rotten Aces will be firing off a salvo of incendiary punk and energetic new wave at The Groves Company Inn and those more taken by a straighter rock sound might like to try Hush’s classic rock at The Queen’s Tap or Down and Dirty’s broader but no less vibrant rock array at The Tap and Barrel.

The first of the Christmas gigs hove into view at The Victoria with The Monkey Dolls and a night of everything from indie to punk, rock to pop and Vice Verse are all about cool indie tunes from across the years at The Swiss Chalet.

If something a bit outside the usual remit is required, you will find seasoned acoustic troubadour Drew Bryant at The Sun Inn or perhaps the Afro-Grime Hip-Hop night at Level III is what you are looking for.

The unusual is also on offer at The Victoria on Sunday with a night centred around musicians from the word of psychedelic electro-rockers Ozric Tentacles. Nodens Ictus are founder member Ed Wynne’s offshoot project but very much fashioned along the same lines as the musical mothership and joining them are Oversoul and a DJ set from Keepers Brew.

Elsewhere there is a second chance to catch The Teddy White Band at 20 at The Kings, Splat The Rat bring their charming, stripped back, trad-folk to The Groves Company Inn and Craig Hutchesson is at The Sun Inn.