Dreadzone-c-Simon-Partington-_MG_5821.jpgFor those who say that nothing ever happens in Swindon, this week is set to prove them very wrong, as not one but two big name bands with long histories, varied and fascinating careers and a wealth of albums behind them can be found nested in amongst the usual, more localised, musical fare. But more of that later.

Wilding, an act which has both grown in number and shrunken in name, since the eponymous George’s solo days, will be taking to The Victoria’s stage tonight and I highly recommend that you check them out. Combining the front man’s lyrical wit and wisdom with a band of seasoned players means that they can finally reach the sonic heights that their recorded work encapsulated and believe me you will want to experience that. With new indie outfit Compact Pussycat opening the night this is a great way to kick off the weekend.

Down at the Beehive the Foregate Street Blues Band play, well, streety and bluesy tunes with an emphasis on a more mellow and mellifluous delivery, chilled vibes and dulcet tones.

So, the first of those bigger names I mentioned in the introduction raises its head at The Victoria on Friday in the form of Dreadzone. These post rave legends blend dub, electronica, rave and reggae into their music in a way that you would be hard pushed to find a comparison for. With songs from their new album Dread Times getting a first airing and local funky hip-hop collective The Tribe in support, I predict that it’s going to be one to remember.

Fans of The Police, should be heading to Coleview Community Centre, for a tribute to their unique blends of new wave, jazz and reggae courtesy of The Secret Police whilst those looking for a night of rock and metal classics should head to The Queens Tap’s for a musical night on the tiles with Evolution.

And there are plenty of other options for catching up with the music you love and know. Those looking for a more traditional folky vibe will find much to like with Splat The Rat at The Beehive and their modern take on the genres traditional sounds, The Bright Eyes bring the sleek musical glamour of the seasoned function band and a mixed bag of iconic songs to the Groves Company Inn and Steve Ferbrache puts a solo spin on songs ranging from pop to folk, ska to rock and from soul to reggae at The Castle.

A cover band with a twist and one that I highly recommend (that’s shocked a few people) is The Petty Thieves. They may look like just another bunch of guys reliving the music and their youth, and to be honest they are but the difference here is that their youth was filled with the sounds of Echo and The Bunnymen, The Waterboys and Pulp. A post punk panacea if ever their was one. Catch them at The Swiss Chalet.

Saturday brings the second big name band into view, The Christians at The MECA and elsewhere rock is to be had in many forms. The Chaos Brothers bring a wave of sonic mayhem, dad jokes, questionable behaviour and a wealth of garage rock, punk and new wave standards to The Groves Company Inn where they are joined by punk-folk partners in crime and seasoned aficionados of apple based beverages Mick O’Toole.

Metal Gods have a name that pretty much explains what they do, so fans of 80’s rock and metal especially the NWOBHM scene (and if you don’t know what that is the show may not be for you) need to head for the Queen’s Tap with heads ready to bang and boots raring to boogie. A more contemporary slice of the same genre can be found at The Victoria with The Faux Fighters who…well, you’ll work it out.

The Last Call play high energy covers at the Waiting Room, and both Champagne Charlie and Night Hours offer a mixed musical menu at The Castle and Haydon Wick Club respectively.

Finally, going out as we came in, Let’s Swim, Get Swimming play  unique gnarly math rock which is both clever enough to blow your mind and aggressive enough to take your head clean off. Find them with Land Wars, GETRZ and Flour Babies at The Victoria on Wednesday.