12111930_1683865851881044_3972085343232098947_nOne of the great things about the diverse and eclectic nature of the Swindon live circuit is that it has something for everyone. Take this week for example, everything from international swing bands, rock legends, national tribute acts, local covers and grassroots jobbing musicians can be found somewhere along the line. Not bad for a town which is usually seen as playing second fiddle to the more established music scenes of Oxford and Bristol. Personally, I’m a big fan of those ever touring, solo guitar acts, it’s a real reminder that once you strip away the glitz and glamour, musical hi-jinx and technological enhancements, it all comes down to two things. Good songs and personal charisma. Two great purveyors of such an approach can be found in town tonight.

You may have caught Chris Webb in any number of guises, gigging with Lonely Tourist, Gentleman Nick Parker or that Gaz Brookfield fellow, or as part of Plume of Feathers, but tonight at The Tuppenny you can catch him in solo mode delivering up-tempo, finger style, modern acoustic folk songs filled with wit and wisdom.

At The Beehive, the splendid Jim Reynolds is back with another bag of tunes forged from blues, folk, old time music hall and ragtime traditions, dexterous in delivery and timeless in their simple charm.

At the other end of the sonic scale Limehouse Lizzy are in town to pay tribute to Dublin’s most famous rock and roll sons. Thin Lizzy were a band apart from most of the 70’s rock leviathans, deftly blending blues, soul music, psychedelic rock, and traditional Irish folk music into tunes that were both commercial and appealing to discerning rock fans, hard-edged yet poetic. Relive those glory days at The Victoria tonight.

Talking of rock legends, Friday sees Martin Turner (pictured), founder member of Wishbone Ash, who like Thin Lizzy were masters of the twin guitar attack, play The Victoria. With a show based around the  band’s 1974 album There’s The Rub, this is the closest you will get to seeing Wishbone Ash from their golden age.

The new look line up of The Teddy White Band can be found at The Queen’s Tap with their usual stall of beat, blues and boogie era gems, infectious and largely long forgotten tunes designed to get the audience grooving and moving from one of the tightest and coolest bands on the circuit. Locomotion can be found at The Swiss Chalet for a night of party tunes and old favourites all enhanced by their unique twin sax-attack.

Sex Jazz return to The Castle for a night of heavy bass lines, wonky riffs, insect infused music, strange stage wear and one of the most original sounds on the circuit. Imagine Frank Zappa joining a punk band and then proceeding to have a nervous breakdown live on stage! They are joined but The Red Bull Junkies who do unspeakable things with sequenced and synthesised sounds.

Saturday is one for fans of rock music, particularly songs which you are already familiar with. Tributes come in the form of Ed Force One re-creating the music of Iron Maiden at The Waiting Room and Whole Lotta DC reminding us of the sheer foot-on-the-monitor, hard rock boogie and killer tunes of AC/DC. Evolution play everything from hard rock to indie at The Sun Inn whilst Darren Hunt brings his one-man rock extravaganza to The Tap ’n’ Barrel.

If you prefer something more in a punk vein, then head to The Queen’s Tap where you will find Rotten Aces reminding us of the heady days of punk and New Wave –  party like it is 1977!

But if you are looking for something more eclectic and wide-ranging then Mojo at The Swiss Chalet are the answer. No era, genre or style is beyond their reach and so if you want a night of all your favourite tunes delivered with virtuosity and panache, then you know what you have to do. The Shambles can be found rendering popular songs into acoustic forms at The Brookhouse Farm.

And a quick mention for a night remembering Tom Humber, who was a massive supporter of local live music, taking place at Moose Hall in Old Town. A Night For Tom Himself will feature rock, goth, industrial, metal and darkwave tracks as spun by DJ Dust as a tribute.

Finally, on Sunday Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses will be at The MECA for a night of swing, jive and rock and roll, more details of which can be found on this page.