535044_957872154288230_8248712935002350898_nAnd so as the final note from the final encore of the final band of this year’s Shuffle fades into the night, things can return to the more usual spread of bands and venues. A quieter week perhaps, a more predictable week in many ways but still with plenty of great music to act as the soundtrack to the summer.

Tonight sees the old-time blues flavours and mellifluous roots vibes of Damon T and Mark Cole return to the Beehive. This Anglo-American guitar and harmonica hook up is a must for anyone passionate about authentic delta blues and ragged country sounds. The real deal indeed.

On Friday Black Max and The Pirates mix nautical shenanigans with 2-Tone and ska/punk at The Rolleston whilst The Beat Routes bring a deft and delicious selection of funk and soul covers to The Beehive. (Note: please check the dates regarding this and the previous gig at that venue, at the time of writing there seems to be a bit of confusion as to the relevant days.)

Hooch break out the nostalgia, being a band who focus on the hits of the 90’s, everything from Faithless to Bobby Brown and beyond, a thoroughly genre-hopping experience and a party that you are not going to want to miss. Especially if you were there first time around.

And talking of that decade, The Brit Pop Boys hone in even further and offer a tribute to the music of Cool Britannia, the north-south, class war clash of the genres two biggest bands, Lad culture and the celebration of home grown music that went with it. Expect a sing-along set of songs that you never tire of hearing.

The Waiting Room has a tribute to a whole different sound. As Whole Lotta Led, these musicians capture the sound of Led Zeppelin in all their drama and majesty, but in this alternative format as Light Zeppelin they remind us that the band were just as masterful writing ethereal folk and beautiful acoustic numbers. They also render some of those bigger songs into gentle and beguiling reworkings.

Last week, acting on some information given ( and admittedly not checking properly) I was a bit premature, a week to be exact, in announcing Elmstock, the music festival at The Nine Elms. It actually takes place this Saturday and has a fantastic array of music on offer. Rock covers from Bluefinz, gorgeously dexterous folk from The Parsons, the brilliant folk-infused reworkings of The Daybreakers and funk, soul and Motown from The Soultones.

Covering any music by Pink Floyd is a brave thing to do. Replicating the whole live experience takes a lot more than just bravery, but it is what Just Floyd not only do, but have long done so to both public and critical acclaim. Not only the sound of Floyd, but the visuals, the atmosphere and the chilled anticipation, everything that made you fall in love with the original band in the first place. Catch them at The Victoria.

Elsewhere you will find Red Hot Trio  (pictured) carrying the flame for rockabilly and rock’n’roll at The Rolleston, proving once again that the genre doesn’t have to constantly look back at past glories but forward to a bright future and People Like Us deliver a set of textured harmonies and new acoustic takes on classic songs at The Windmill. At The Tap and Barrel, Champagne Charlie are all about the pop, rock and party covers.

Finally, on Wednesday, Loonaloop play The Beehive as the warm up show before heading across the European Festival circuit. These globe trotting troubadours of genre-hopping cosmic electronica are a truly unique band from Sydney, one that mixes drum ’n’ bass, tribal dance, pys-trance, gypsy vibes and hypnotic beats into the ultimate euphoric experience.Not exactly what you would expect to find in the compact and bijou confines of Swindon’s quirkiest back street boozer! Which makes the booking all the more inspired.