tragedy-homeIt seems like the surge of local summer festivals is trailing off now and the amount of gigs in the usual musical haunts is starting to get back up to speed. And just as a reminder of how the local circuit really does punch above its weight, tonight The Beehive have rather a fabulous act to offer you. Over the last twenty years Pony Pony have worked both as a duo and with such names as Bare Naked Ladies and the sublime Cowboy Junkies and their brand of fiddle driven country-folk is a spellbinding experience that discerning music fans are not going to want to miss.

Although if your excuse for non-attendance is that you are going to The Victoria instead, then that is fair enough as they also have some choice original music on offer. Having caught two of these bands for the first time at The Shuffle I can assure you that The Oxymora’s brooding and emotive alt-rock and Palm Rose’s soaring post-rock meets dream-pop both have the potential to make them your new favourite local bands. POOL’s bruised and gloom-infused music gets the night underway.

On Friday, Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue brings a sonic slice of old school rock and roll, blues and rockabilly to The Rolleston. There are a lot of guitarists who are happy to merely copy what has gone before but this show is all about walking that fine line of reinventing the sound for a new age whilst keeping close to the heart of its originators.

Vice Versa dish up a helping of cool indie tunes from the 70’s to the 90’s at The Victoria and at The Castle, Beautiful Trauma pay tribute to the songs of P!nk. Sadly no trapeze routines but definitely a night of attitude driven pop hits and lashings of sonic swagger.

Tired of what they see as a lack of pubs and venues where you can hear quality indie sounds, Madchester music and Britpop classics, the organisers of Fools Gold club nights are setting out to redress the balance by hosting a new night which centres on spinning just such iconic tunes at The Victoria on Saturday. That said Indie’d at The Tap and Barrel will be playing exactly those genres so expect those songs you know and love from Blur, Oasis, Shed Seven, Inspiral carpets and many more. Hail The King can be found at The Tawny Owl for a night of Indie and rock covers, everything from Oasis to The Foo Fighters.

But it isn’t just about the indie stars of yesteryear, there are plenty of rock gigs to be had too. The Electric Troubadours head into town with a bag full of rock – southern, classic and country –  and an emphasis on 70’s greats. You can find them at The Rolleston. Also heading down the high-octane, rock covers route is Down and Dirty who play The Castle and Darren Hunt brings his one man classic rock spectacle to The Brookhouse Farm.

Other club nights are on offer with Shocks of Mighty breaking out their tasteful and expertly selected collection of vintage ska and reggae at The Beehive and Level 3 has a Retro Night with Nelly B Goode breaking out all the big tunes from the 40’s to the 80’s and an invitation to get dressed up and cut a rug, retro style.

If ever there were two genres destined never to share any common ground it is heavy metal and disco. Or so you would think but that was before Tragedy! was unleashed upon the world. A heavy metal tribute to The Bee Gees? The ultimate rock party? A band that sweats glitter and confetti? A film waiting to happen? Tragedy is all this and more and you will find them at The Victoria on Sunday.