19800827_329147764207648_8548866910363338205_o.jpgSo after a couple of weeks of international circuit stalwarts and iconic punk visitations, things settle down to a more local affair. But as always this little old railway town proves that there certainly is something for everyone going on within its parish boundaries.

There is something quintessentially English about the name Chesterfield Supper Club and if you are looking for a night of chilled, acoustic covers then you should catch their gig tonight at The Beehive. The fact that this wonderfully named band is actually made up of one-time members of local legends Big Casino means that the quality of the music remains in no doubt whatsoever.

One of my favourite bands to grace the local circuit in recent times is Ragged Union. If the idea of a blues fuelled, country rock, bar band, one part early Tom Petty, two parts Southern Comfort is your idea of a night out then The Rolleston on Friday is the place to be. If something even more early rock ’n’ roll driven is to your tastes then The Red Hot Trio at The Victoria will sate your musical thirst. Old school rockabilly may lie at the core but this is a band that proves that even the most iconic sounds can move with the times.

Stat-X bring the rock covers to The Queen’s Tap, everything from the fairly expected end of the canon to some more unusual selections from the pop-rock section of the musical menu. Proving that Sister Sisters are doing it for themselves, the titular (which is not as rude a word as it seems) band can be found at The Village Inn running through classic pop hits.

Saturday sees the only original artist of the week play in town. I’ll just let you think about that. Tom McCartney takes influence from a range of classic blues pioneers, from Howling Wolf to Buddy Guy plus a few more modern guitar-slingers. The result, however, is something that sparks with a modernity and sass that makes him the perfect flag bearer for taking the genre into bright new horizons. You’ll find him at The Rolleston.

The Swiss Chalet plays host to Beautiful Trauma a tribute to P!nk, so expect snappy and soaring songs and an engaging live show, though if ska and reggae is more your thing then Train To Skaville break out all the classics at The Queen’s Tap.

P!nk’s music can also be found in the repertoire of Bedrock who play at The Tap and Barrel, alongside more rock driven selections and some quirky alternatives and Rude Mood have most musical bases covered at The Tawny Owl.

And if you want to rewind the clock, some after gig drinks at Level III will provide you with a soundtrack of alternative rock, metal and punk, just like it was back in the old days…apparently.

Being a bank holiday weekend Sunday has plenty of options, rock in particular being fairly prevalent. Barrelhouse brings hard-edged blues, exquisite musicianship, wailing blues-harp and possibly even strange coloured beards to The Queen’s Tap whilst Darren Hunt rolls his one-man rock and metal extravaganza into the High Street Club.

If you went to watch Ragged Union earlier in the week, or if you are just a fan of deft and dexterous roots rock music then Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival  (pictured) at The Beehive is one for your calendar. Even if you don’t think you know the songs that they are keeping alive, I assure you that you will come away realising just how many amazing and familiar songs the original band wrote. You can’t see them live any more but this show comes damned close.

Stat-X have a second gig out rocking, power-popping and generally mixing grunt and groove at The Duke of Edinburgh and Metson err on the side of more commercial sounds at The Messenger.

Last, and quite possibly least, Kova Me Badd bring the antithesis of a cover band show to The Victoria. If you are looking for a slick stage show, well selected and relevant covers and virtuosic musicianship then this is not the place for you. This is a band who are redefining the word adequate but once you realise that they are not here to save music but to kill it, it may just be the best night of your life. If you drink enough!