16807137_10155794267854056_5740058919034121743_nWhilst most of the music on offer this week is more concerned with reliving past favourites, of offering sonic comfort zones and reminding you why you fell in love with music in the first place, the week does start out with some strides being made into new musical pastures. One such band is Lewis Clark and The Essentials who can be found at The Beehive tonight.

If you have not yet seen this regular visitor to the local circuit, I can assure you that this is band you really need to check out. Although on paper you would have to describe them as an acoustic folk and blues fusion, in reality they are much more than that. They are soulful, dexterous, effortlessly cool, and musically economical, they make every note and lyrical line count and are the perfect band to restore your faith in creativity and originality.

Friday also has some new music on offer, in the form of SNDubstation at The Victoria and The Illustrations at The Beehive. The former are the ultimate party band blending deft pop melodies, infectious ska hooks and addictive dance grooves into the sweetest and sweatiest dance floor work out you are going to find this side of WOMAD’s dance tent. The Illustrations, meanwhile, are in the process of writing themselves a wonderful second chapter to their cool and cultish musical story.  Their set at this year’s Shuffle was described as being a mash up between The Beach Boys and Happy Mondays, I would also throw in a bit of hat tipping to The Beatles and Neutral Milk Hotel too. Intrigued? You should be.

If you missed them at Level III last week, you have a second chance to catch Wrong Jovi and their tribute to the rock anthems and stadium antics of Bon Jovi at The Swiss Chalet and Rotten Aces will be laying out a whole smorgasbord of punk morsels, new wave nibbles and low slung, gutter rock tidbits at The Rolleston.

For something less extreme you might want to head to The Queen’s Tap for The Ultimate Band playing a wide variety of styles, genres and eras or check out DAMM at The Kingsdown covering all manner of pop, rock and indie.

On Saturday Syntronix (pictured) will be reliving the glory days of 80s synth pop at Level III. Remember when a load of post-punk techno visionaries threw the rockist rule book away, bought synths and created eerie, often deliberately sterile and vaguely menacing dance tunes before emerging out the other side as emotional, groove filled and cinematic pop? Well, that is pretty much the parameters of the Syntronix set. 

And I know that I often make a point of saying that their vision of the 80’s as a slick synth pop era is rather different to mine, the soundtrack to which was more along the lines of New Model Army, Killing Joke and Echo and The Bunnymen. Well, stick around for DJ Dust’s 80’s club night afterwards and you will get some of that too.

More specific musical tributes can be found at The Victoria in the form of The Rolling Clones reliving the glory days of those era hopping icons of blustering, bluesy rock’n’roll and Beautiful Trauma, a tribute to alt-pop queen P!nk, at The Tap and Barrel. Elsewhere there is plenty of classic rock and metal to be had, Evolution bring their chosen selection to The Queen’s Tap whilst The Rolleston will be hosting Rorke’s Drift and Roughcut Rebels will be specialising in Brit-pop, mod and power-pop favourites at The Brown Jack in Wroughton.

And if by Sunday you are still looking for some music to round the weekend off then The Hight Street Club is the place to be for the wonderfully self deprecating Over The Hill, a 5-piece rock’n’soul band to soothe and groove the weekend to a close.