40922994_1038122389702686_5504215381138472960_oSome weeks this town is blessed with big name acts travelling through the parish boundaries, other times there are a few new and interesting options passing through from further afield and sometimes we are find wonderful blasts from the past in our midsts. This week though is mainly a real celebration of the bands that keep the local circuit alive. You will know most of the names, you have probably seen many before but as a show case of just how vibrant the local scene is and just how many great home grown bands we have, this week acts as the perfect showcase.

I say mainly as tonight offers a few options from across the county line and the most unusual of them can be found at The Victoria. Siblings of Us (pictured) are a band undergoing a transformation moving from the most mercurial and jagged two-piece synth wave band topped off with Bee Gee-esque vocals into the most mercurial and jagged three-piece electro-rock band…with Bee Gee-esque vocals. Reventure and Xadium also bring new ideas to the rock format.

The monthly Acoustic Buzz at The Beehive sees Mark J. Lee, a country player from the deep south … of Devon…top the bill and a sound that both tips its hat to Nashville tradition and moves the genre into more modern and original pastures. Jane Allison delivers her dark yet gorgeously deft folky Americana and as always your host, Blind River Scare adds some unique Celtic charm to a country sound.

Acoustic music is also to be found at The Tuppenny with the quite wonderful Atari Pilot continuing their tentative steps back into the live gigging world. You may remember them as a full blown soaring and cinematic, pop-rock outfit but even in their current stripped back format they offer sublime and slightly brilliant songs. The lovely Nick Felix gets the night underway.

The Beehive is doing its bit for the environment on Friday by hosting a night put together by Swindon Climate Action Network. That motley folk crew S’Go will be mixing up roots styles and hopping genres, Talis Kimberly applyies some green fingers to her folky acoustica and The Bellflowers remind us of just how pure, spacious and evocative music can be.

Other acoustic options come with Drew Bryant’s always charismatic set at The Windmill and Pulse laying out a stall of soul, Motown, reggae, country and pop at The Tap and Barrel. Stat-X break out the classic rock and give other genres a bit of a make-over in their own inimitable style at The Victoria, Operation 77 are all about the ska-punk at The Crumpled Horn and Black Max and The Pirates also offer some 2-tone and Ska at The Queen’s Tap.

If you want to cast your musical minds a bit further back, Retro at The Moonrakers live up to their name and I have to say that their selection of music is a step up from the standard fayre. Okay you will get The Beatles and The Kinks but you also might get Springsteen and Kris Kristofferson! And taking a bluesy route through the Great American Songbook, Built For Comfort play authentic R&B at The Rolleston.

Saturday sees a double helping of 80’s synth-pop with Binomial at The Runner and Syntronix at The Haydon Wick Club whilst The Brit Pop Boys concentrate on the following decade, breaking out the sound of Cool Britannia by doing exactly what they say on the tin at The Victoria.

Folk, bluegrass, gypsy jazz and Americana all get mixed up and thrown around at The Queen’s Tap courtesy of Flash Harry whilst The Teddy White Band bring the rootsy rock and groovesome blues to The Sun Inn.

Dark Horse break out the classic rock covers at The Prince of Wales in Wootton Bassett whilst DV8 tackle songs more of the alt-rock, pop-punk and nu-metal oeuvre at The Rolleston and WMD bring the party tunes to The Merlin. The puntastic Saga Louts rock back the clock for the best of retro rock and roll at The RAFA Club.

And if you prefer a club night, SaveSwindon resume their mission to change the face of the town with a night of perfectly curated and deftly spun music from Jagz Kooner, Alex Kociuba and the man at the heart of the quest, Chaney.

Blimey…that’s a lot of live music!