news-0416-antinowhereleague-900x600It may be cold and wet out there enough to make you think twice about heading out to a local gig, but the answer to that dilemma is to immerse yourself in a show that reminds you of warm summer festivals and escapist music. Zetan Spore at The Beehive tonight is perfect for that with their high octane psytrance sound and music breaking in huge waves of energy and positivity, tribal breaks and searing guitar riffs. 

And if that all seems quite futuristic, Friday offers something a bit more old-school as Anti-Nowhere League (pictured) scream into town to hit the stage at The Victoria. Some punk from back in the day sounds a bit thin and mild with the passage of time but ANL’s mix of Motorhead-esque rock and heavy end punk sounds as raw, wild, obnoxious and exciting as it did when they first hit the scene nearly forty years ago. With the infectious ska-punk of Slagerij and the incendiary sounds of Borrowed Time kicking things off. This is a night that proves that at least some punk music did stand the test of time.

Jimmy Lee’s Ragged Company revel in the classic sounds of folk and country rock at The Rolleston, from the deft and delicate to the foot stomping and anthemic, from the likes The Travelling Wilburys to The Georgia Satellites, covers yes, but ones that most bands don’t offer.

Open Secrets at The Beehive play with similar genres but steer towards a more old-time Americana, Appalachian Mountain music as well as traditional Nashville sounds to create their gorgeous and original music.

Original music is also to be had at Level III as national promoters This Feeling bring their showcase to town. Larger than life, swaggering and intense indie headlines the night with Grimsby’s band of the moment Mint plus a wealth of local support. The Harlers add a touch of searing blues infused rock to the night, Rainy Day Fund infuse their deft indie sounds with Day-Glo pop infectiousness and Basement Club’s fluid and textured music gets the night underway.

The Castle plays host to Get Carter and a set of modern pop, rock and indie whilst at The Queen’s Tap Peloton deliver some carefully selected and brilliantly executed favourites from power-pop, mod, northern soul, puck and new-wave.

Rock is in no short supply on Saturday, the big show being at Level III with Ghost of Machines. The new line up stretches its musical legs delivering rock that blends technicality with intensity, cinematics with punch, classic sounds with cutting edge sonic potential. Joining them are You Win Again Gravity who dress prog-rock structures with brutal textures, Eden Falls caustic metalcore and Broken Empire’s inspired alt-rock.

You can tell a lot about a band by the company that they keep and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Richie Ramone, The Quireboys, Great White and Rocket From The Crypt, as Doberman do, speaks volumes. They have a classic street rock sound , putting me in mind of Velvet Revolver, but with their own unique take on the genre. But best you head along to The Rolleston and make up your own mind.

For something from the rock oeuvre but offering more familiar sounds, Rorke’s Drift play all the rock and metal classics at The Swiss Chalet and Last Call “The UK’s No. 1 tribute band to Kerrang TV” …apparently, can be found at The Waiting Room.

Binomial’s re-scheduled 80’s synth-pop show can be found at The Runners, No Middle Ground offer a wide menu of rock and indie covers at The Queen’s Tap and Nuttyness offer the perfect tribute to the style, moves and music of Madness at The Victoria.

Sunday proves that the weekend still has some life in it yet with False Gods at The Duke of Edinburgh and their blend of Muse like prog fluidity and The Manic’s punky cinematics. Seem’s like an odd mix? Yes, but go along and watch them and then tell me I’m wrong!

If you are looking for something a bit more soothing to see the weekend out, Mark Merriman is over from Tennessee again to bring music woven from authentic country, blues and folk sounds.