Kirk-Brandon-aKoustiK-Promo2016.jpgNothing ever happens in this town. It must be true, after all you hear it said over and over again. Though it is difficult to justify such a statement as I prepare to list over 20 different gigs in the space of under a week. So with no further ado…

Tonight, The Victoria plays host to a slew of indie bands headed by chaps of the moment Getrz. This young musical gang weave punk swagger through sharp indie cool and they are joined by No Hot Ashes’ eclectic and wide-ranging sonics, the cinematic and sweeping sounds of We Are Parkas, and Freakouts kick the night off in explosive fashion.

More considered and subtle sounds can be found at The Beehive with Paul Henshaw’s deft waves of traditional meets contemporary acoustic folk whilst at The Tuppenny Lewis Clarke returns with a bag full of folk and blues, original songs that tip their hats to the likes of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. He is supported by Flour Babies front man Will Davis in a rare solo outing.

Rock fans will be flocking to Level III on Friday as Shepherds Pie and Shades of Seattle go head to head in a classic vs grunge play off, so whether you like your rock bold and bombastic or more angsty and nihilistic, there is plenty to keep you happy. The after party comes in the guise of DJ Dust spinning all sorts of fab and groovy alt-rock, nu-metal and industrial waxings.

The Erin Bardwell Collective offer the sunshine sounds of vintage ska, dancehall and rocksteady to The Queen’s Tap whilst Syntronix bring a retro sound of a wholly different nature to The Coleview Club for a night of 80’s classic synth-pop.

Playing a range of familiar and pre-loved songs around town you will also find the following. Toxic proving once again why they are all you need to let the good times roll at The Victoria with a set that defies genre or era. Locomotion take their sax-attack front line and endless repertoire of great music to The Swiss Chalet, Emergency Banter play “proper” rock (their words) from across the decades at The Queen’s Tap and Metson remind us that two is great company at The Bakers Arms.

Darren Hunt goes one better and brings a solo rock spectacular to The Windmill and if you have a hankering for rock’n’roll then The HepCat Trio deliver not just the songs of the genre’s instigators such as Elvis and Eddie but also those it influenced such as The Stray Cats and The Clash.
Rhythm’n’ booze legends The Hamsters From Hell descend on The Castle for a night of unexpectedly virtuosic playing marred only by sweary songs, toilet humour and drunken antics, you wouldn’t want it any other way, would you?

Saturday is just as packed. Rorke’s Drift have everything rock and metal covered at The Queen’s Tap and something with more of a 90’s vibe can be found at The Wheatsheaf  courtesy of Vice Versa whilst Penfold offer a small slice of everything fun and upbeat at The Victoria.

Fans of alt-pop party starter P!ink will be keen to catch Beautiful Trauma who pay tribute to her music at The Prince of Wales in Wootton Bassett whilst an older, more blues-laden groove will be heard at The Rolleston with the raw and rich musical delights of The Teddy White Band. Wroughton Working Mens Club provides a second chance to catch Metson.

As we head out of the weekend the first of two iconic names is to be found at The Victoria on Sunday. Before the reconvened Theatre of Hate head out on a national tour, Kirk Brandon can be found delivering an acoustic show, highlights from nearly 40 years in music and accompanied by Sam Sansbury on Cello.

Those who are a little bit country will be interested in The Country Music Showcase to be found at H2O Nightclub. Covers, originals, bands, solos and everything in between featuring the likes of Danny McMahon, Nia Nicholls, Will Brown, Hengistbury, Mollly-Anne and many more. It’s iconic and fun songs of every stripe at The Duke of Edinburgh with Since Day Dot.

And lastly. But by no means least, the second big name at The Victoria reveals itself to be the wonderful Miles Hunt. Tuesday sees The Wonder Stuff main man bring his solo acoustic tour to town, not only a selection of his best loved songs but some readings from his acclaimed Wonder Stuff Diaries.

So, as you can see, nothing ever happens in this town.