thumbnailI know that everything works on supply and demand, even things in the cultural and artistic realms but looking at the sheer volume of rock bands playing in town this week, it might be nice if the powers that be tried something a little more diverse from time to time. I know it sells, I know it’s a form that is still popular but maybe instead of continuously underlining the past and looking back to nostalgic heydays it might be quite exciting to look to the future and help write the next chapter. Okay, change the record I hear you cry, ironically that is a good analogy for what I am proposing. Anyway, I’ve said enough.

Sons of the Delta bring the earthy tones and deft musical lines of juke joint and street corner delta blues to The Beehive tonight, subtle and subtle electric and acoustic music with a strictly old-time, south of the Mason-Dixon Line vibe. 

Level III sees the welcome return of Limehouse Lizzy, a band dedicated to keeping the spirit of Phil Lynott and his renegade rock posse alive. Although more than an echo of the original can be found in Black Star Riders, if you never caught the real deal with the main man leading the charge then this is about as close as you can get.

If you miss that show however, on Friday at The Windmill The Lizzy Legacy will make up for it, again firing off salvos of those classic and infectious songs from Dublin’s favourite sons. Stop Stop brings its own personal brand of musical excess to The Victoria, think 80s glam metal, The Sunset Strip, big riffs…bigger hair, raw grooves, guitar virtuosity and a bag of killer tunes. Glam, bam, thank you mam!

At The Queen’s Tap The Chaos Brothers continue their mission to….well, there is no mission, it’s just a bunch of chaps playing the best bits of their record collections, especially the corner with all the rock, punk and glam in. No pretence, no agenda and hardly enough practice but still a thoroughly entertaining night out.

Things get a bit bluesier after that with Snatch It Back blending rock, rhythm and blues into a psychedelic melting pot, not only great musicianship but a brilliantly energetic show, but then what else would you expect when you have a classic era Groundhog keeping the beat? Also ploughing a beat ’n’ boogie infused furrow, The Teddy White Band explore 50’s and 60’s underground music to bring you forgotten gems and musical gold.

As the Urban Voodoo Machine careers around the country delivering  Bourbon soaked, gypsy blues as part of their 15th anniversary tour, songwriter and guitar-slinger Paul-Ronney Angel (pictured) has found time to play a few solo acoustic shows, one of which can be found at Level III. Rather than the 8 piece maelstrom that he usually stands in the eye of, instead expect acoustic guitar, the devil’s songbook, that satanic growl, some blues harp and perhaps a kazoo!

No Middle Ground can be found at The Swiss Chalet for some rock covers and a whole bag of indie goodness too.

On Saturday Metal Gods will be treating The Queen’s Tap to a sonic injection of 80’s metal whilst El Toro bring classic rock and a few unexpected mashups to The Rolleston. Rock can also be found at The Castle with Down and Dirty playing some cool choices as they wander through the genre’s less obvious sonic highways.

Rock of a more progressive variety can be found at Level III with Lifesigns the band who won best band and album at this year’s Prog Magazine awards but whose infectious sound easily crosses beyond that genre’s borders.

Locomotion brings the sass and the sax to The Sun Inn, Homer are all about classic rock covers at The Runner and Indie’d do what it says on the time at The Prince of Wales in Wootton Bassett.  If you are looking for a hot slice of R’n’B then Built For Comfort at The Greyhound have just what you are looking for.

Finally on Sunday a real break with the theme of the week…only joking, as Absolva hit The Victoria with a set of modern metal. Equal blends of classic and alternative sounds are used to build their sonic juggernaut and deliver the perfect noise to round off this very rock week off.