16641049_1044192879057669_1824159206035831504_nThe shock news this week is that of the sudden cancellation of all currently scheduled music at The Castle in Old Town due to a change of management at the venue. Audrey has always been a strong supporter of the local music circuit booking popular local cover bands, touring out of towners, well-loved original acts, strange cultish combos, tributes, soloists and everything in between and her departure leaves a big hole in the musical map of the town. So here is a heartfelt thanks for all her efforts over the years and I wish her the best of fortune in whatever the next chapter brings. 

Tonight at The Tuppenny two stalwarts of the scene unleash their new musical vehicle on the public. Zen drummer and amateur philosopher Brendan Hamley joins forces with gravel voiced graduate of the Doeser School of Music, Pete Cousins to bring you a tantalising helping of shamanic, cosmic blues. Support comes from the gorgeous roots-pop acoustic textures of Tamsin Quin (pictured).

A more chilled, acoustic blues sound can be found at The Beehive courtesy of those lovely chaps, Foregate Street Blues.

Friday sees things rocked up a bit. At The Rolleston, Damn Good Reason offer a slice of high octane, energised and expertly delivered classic rock. (Surely they mean Damned, that being the adjective rather than the verb, but let’s do semantics and grammar another time.) Earl Jam treat The Victoria to a run through the back catalogue of Pearl Jam’s finest musical moments and at The Moonrakers, No Middle Ground has everything covered, genre, era, style and tempo.

Punk is also on the cards, especially if you like it woven around a ska groove, as local legends Slagerij are back for a free hometown show at Level III. Not only wonderfully infectious songs but one of the most energetic shows currently doing the rounds and there is double the fun as they are joined by pop-punkers The Hero of a Boring Story. Prepare to pogo people.

If you are looking for more conventionally delivered ska then head to The Swiss Chalet for Ska Bucks and a run through the genre old and new. Proving that you are never too old to rock and roll, well, roots and roll at least, Jacob’s Grandads bring all things folk, country, Celtic and bluegrass to the RAFA Club.

Saturday brings a mixed bag of styles for you to choose from.  At The Victoria, Get Carter offer all things indie, rock and pop and with a decidedly nineties-naughties swerve whilst The Swiss Chalet is the place to catch all the nu-metal anthems you loved back in the day courtesy of Last Call.

And talking of back in the day music, Led or Black, as the name might suggest, pay tribute to the music of Messrs. Zeppelin and Sabbath at the Rolleston whilst the four-legged hit machine, The Parabolics, treat The Crumpled Horn to a menu of rock, glam, indie and punk classics.

The Weller Acoustic Tribute Project does what it says on the tin, a stripped back, guitar and percussion rendition of The Modfather’s career highlights from the Jam to the present day at The Steam Railway. At The Tap and Barrel you can catch Charlie King performing 5 decades of Top of The Pops hits.

Level III will be celebrating all things indie from the first decade of the 21st century with not only a cool club night but none other than Babyshambles, Roses Kings Castles and solo performer Adam Ficek spinning the tunes until the early hours.

The day of rest sees Mojo bring the party, all genres, all decades, to The Duke of Edinburgh and on Monday Steve Degutis will be at The Tap and Barrel with his wonderfully dexterous acoustica.