44355478_2024555787567157_6243720230233702400_o.jpgThat marvellous chap Jim Blair kicks off this week’s live music menu, a tasty starter blended from groovy acoustica and funky blues to whet your appetite and found at The Beehive, this very evening. 

If original acoustic music is your thing then you might also be interested in a neat little show this Friday at Darkroom Espresso, that wonderful little oasis of coffee, culture and craziness, and as is their wont the show is typically left field. It sees Ravetank’s wonky coming of age stories and scuzzy tunes spearhead the night with By The Day’s similarly warped deliveries acting as the perfect companion. Opening the night is Mat Caron and his intense and often downright bleak gothic folk meets sparse acoustic-noir narratives. If you want to support alternative venues trying something very original and unique then this is one to get behind.

The Victoria presents a Lennon Retrospective from John Lennon UK. A full band show that features not only the Beatles era classics but the mercurial and marvellous solo career which followed. The Shadow Monkeys are at The Swiss Chalet with a well chosen and expertly delivered collection of songs garnered from pop, rock, soul and funk. Not only all the iconic tunes you expect but also a few hidden gems besides.

A similar scatter gun of top tunes and classic sounds come courtesy of LadsLadsLads at The Messenger whilst at The Rolleston, Edgar and The Ravens get a bit Poe-faced and explore the darker side of rock and pop.

And talking of The Rolleston, Saturday sees Ragged Union  (pictured) roll back into town. Now, we probably have more than our fair share of rock cover bands doing the rounds but for me if you want a good dose of groove driven, kick-arse (note, correct English spelling), boogie beat, southern infused, rock’n’roll, then this takes some beating. Imagine the late, great Tom Petty jamming with a Sticky Fingers era Stones. Yeah, that!

If you do prefer the bigger rock sound then there are also a couple of ideal options for you. Firstly the Waiting Room will be playing host to Revenged, a band who pays tribute to The Huntingdon Beach progressive metallers Avenged Sevenfold with local stalwarts Punishment Due getting the night off to the perfect start.  The second option is The Guns ’n’ Roses Experience at The Victoria and a night of killer riffs and street swagger; rock and roll in all its pomp and glory.

Another rock tribute can be found at The Phoenix Bar in Wootton Bassett with Pink Mac, a band combining the garage rock psychedelia of The Pink Fairies and the lewd bar room banter of The Macc Lads. At last!  Not really, they actually specialise in the deft and drifting tones of Pink Floyd and the sumptuous sound of Fleetwood Mac, but I think that they have missed a trick here.

That dysfunctional musical gang W. A. M.  return to The Swiss Chalet for a night of ska and punk classics now with added sax appeal and sounding sweeter with every pint you sink whilst at The Fox and Hounds in Haydon Wick The Petty Thieves are out and about delivering classic cuts from the lesser covered corners of their old vinyl collection. And nearby at The Haydon Wick Club, Toxic will be the soundtrack to the perfect musical night out.

Top function band Catch 22 are at The Runner proving that what works on the big stage works just as well in the local pub, all genres, eras and styles covered and promising one Heller-va night. (Geddit?)

The hilariously named My Mate’s Band deliver rock through the ages at The New Inn, The Lost Hills have rock, pop and indie covered at The Prince of Wales in Wootton Bassett and The New Century Club will be grooving to the rock and roll selections of Retro.

And if you want to break the working week up, on Wednesday, Darkroom Espresso is the place to find The Empty Chairs, a rock ’n’ roll band that weaves blues, swing and country rock through their groovesome and infectious creations, classic standards and curveball covers. Time to get your dancing shoes on.