1957678_404715793024462_9220940296262886703_oAs is often the way, we have to skip over tonight’s options, or lack thereof, and head straight on into Friday and to make up for such a gap in the calendar let’s start with something pretty special as Level III sees one of my favourite alt-rock bands of recent years hit the stage. Rewire The Time Machine (pictured) is a hard-hitting four-piece, weaving desert-blues and grunge intensity through dynamic and constantly shifting rock music. Doesn’t sound a bad way to start the week if you ask me.

After that there is a raft of tributes to various styles and eras to be found around town. Well, three to be exact. The 2-Tone All Ska’s pretty much set out their mission statement in the band name so as expected a night of music from the British 2-tone scene, Madness, The Specials and the like is on offer, as well as some well selected Trojan hits all found at The Swiss Chalet.

Beautiful Trauma at The Village Inn has a more specific musical brief but again the chosen moniker gives you a bit of a clue. Named after the grammy winning, seventh album by American pop princess Pink, the band promises a night of energetic and infectious pop hits. And again giving more than a small hint at what to expect, The Naughties will be running through the hits of that decade at The Rolleston.

The Victoria will be reverberating to a more eclectic sound as Peloton pull together a set of the coolest influences including power-pop, Mod, northern soul, punk and new-wave. New-wave   and Mod covers can also be found at The Queen’s Tap, alongside Indie and Brit-pop courtesy of 6 O’clock Circus and it’s rock covers through the decades from Tom Petty to Muse and everything in between at The Moonrakers with My Mate’s Band.

People of a certain age talk about the effect of seeing Bowie perform Starman on Top of The Pops  or The Pistols on The Reg Grundy Show, for me the televisual experience that re-set my musical mind was seeing Marillion perform Forgotten Sons on The Old Grey Whistle Test.  The “Fish era” might have just been the opening chapter of their long career but for many it was the first and most emotive encounter with the band. If you want to re-live the sound of those first steps then Stillmarillion is the band, Saturday is the day and the Victoria is the venue.

If you find their brand of rock a bit too “proggy” and are looking for something that plays with a straighter musical bat, then you have a couple of options. Audio Asylum run through all manner of solid, alt-rock from the last few decades at The Waiting Room, whilst Fab 208 take things down a more tongue-in-cheek, swaggering, glam-rock path at The Queen’s Tap.

If you are looking for a more mixed and matched musical night out then you can catch a plethora of rock and indie covers from No Middle Ground at The Swiss Chalet, experience a sonic scatter-gun of musical deliveries across all genres and styles from Triple JD at The Rolleston, groove the night away to Echo’s rock, indie and pop choices at The Red House in Purton or listen to the stripped down deliveries of The Parabolics at Wootton Bassett’s Cross Keys.

The modestly titled Ultimate Band can be found covering a range of fun favourites and party-starters at Coleview Community Centre and Reloaded will be treating The Sun Inn to some classic rock and pop picks.

Level III has a night of hip-hop, reggae and drum ’n’ bass both from 8 piece-band The Maitree Express but also from a host of DJ’s spinning and creating tracks throughout the night.