imgID137127048.jpg.galleryI’m sure most people aren’t interested in my bar related wanderings but as I want to keep this blog as a sort of diary of my activities, both scribbling and non scribbling, you are going to have to put up with my ramblings.

My social life used to be anchored to going to gigs, more usually gigs I was promoting or in someway involved in but after ten years before the sonic mast I have let pretty much all of that go, with the exception of The Swindon Shuffle and the occasional show if I feel that I really have to make happen.

So Thursday night was a bit of a wander, aimless, rootless, pointless, but when you work for yourself and don’t see anyone for days on end you have to get out of the house and that is my excuse. Baila is a coffee house in Victoria Road that is a cocktail and spirits centred bar on my way up the hill. Later on in the evening it is mix of people who like the idea of being a Hackney Hipster but who work for Nationwide and an increasing influx of “bottom of town” drinkers who are moving into more the rarified air of Old Town. I’m out of there by eight and just like the peace of an empty bar and the company of the staff there.

I’m soon in The Tuppenny where I meet up with a group of friends currently putting a promotional project together to push a local artist as a way of highlighting all team members various skills…recording, musicianship, photography, promotional etc. The night ends at The Beehive, a compact and bijou backstreet boozer which is known for its slightly eccentric attitudes (they hang their Christmas Tree from the ceiling) and good music. Though we missed it, the good music came in the form of Mr Love and Justice 
and a new line up featuring none other than Andy Metcalfe who I met a few times via Anton Barbeau and Three Minute Tease but who came to fame with the brilliant Soft Boys way back when. Great chatting to those fine fellows.

Unexpected snow fall, food, TV, sleep. Job done.


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