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imageMy friend Tom, ecologist, model builder, board game enthusiast, sonic wizard and all round good egg, has been doing a thing called Jamuary as a bit of a musical divergence from his usual Grasslands hymn book. The premise, as you may have already guessed, was to record and film one loose jam session per night throughout the month with friends and fellow makers of mad music or failing that to jam with himself via this increasing collection of synths and samplers and sonic witchery.

I was lucky enough to be asked along to do a bit of spoken word to work as the basis of one of these sessions. On the trip over I realised that he wanted me to narrate something from Urban. Urban is a concept I have, a multi-worlds, pan dimensional story line which is in various unfinished states. A novel which never quite shapes up, a set of RPG rules which is still under construction, I have even flirted with it being a TV or radio script. Whatever it is, it now has the first sketches towards a soundtrack.

So we recorded me reading the introduction…after much mirth from Tom and then set about putting some music behind it. I haven’t picked up the bass for about 5 years and I have never made music with Tom before so it was great to finally have a jam with him. What ensued was a sort of drifty, arabesque, Blade Runner type piece, my verbose and pretentious twaddle at its heart and the two of us creating skittering, bass-synth soundscapes around it. I think we were both pretty happy with the result.

Writers Write…right!

I find myself neglecting this site. I guess the problem is that primarily I set it up to talk about and promote local, original music and between my new found hermity ways and the fact that there isn’t a lot of original music going on any more, there isn’t a lot to report. So if the music won’t come to Muhammad, then change the nature of the mountain…blog…whatever….I’m not great with analogies.

Anyway, Writers Write as they say and despite spending most of my working week writing, it is usually all about paying the bills rather than writing creatively. So the answer is obvious. Post this site regularly as a form of writers discipline and try to make the perceived ordinariness of the world around me seem interesting. Or at least let off a bit of steam. So now consider this a place where I write about more than the music scene, though I don’t know what that might look like yet. Stay tuned….