beatles-abbey-road-social-distancingSuch anxious times bring out both the best and the worst in people. People who like to use such jingoistic rhetoric keep banging on about the Blitz spirit, but it has to be remembered that it wasn’t all about communal singing in the Aldwych tube station to keep Peters up, there was some pretty opportunistic naughtiness going on in the back streets too.

That said, I like to think that people are essentially good, you have to really else life would just be too bleak. And on the odd occasion when I leave the house to go hunting and gathering like my primitive forebears, laying in wait in the fresh produce aisle to ambush fresh basil or running to ground a couple of bottles of tonic water, the people around me seem pretty friendly.

There is something really good natured about the wobbly logistics that we find ourselves undertaking to keep our distance from each other. Each swerve and meander accompanied by a smile or a mouthed “sorry” as we silently communicate the sentiment “it’s not you, it’s me” whilst thinking “it’s definitely you almost-zombie.”

Of course there have been a few who ruin it a bit, a wandering chav who still doesn’t understand that spitting on the ground is ghastly under any conditions and the woman outside Aldi who thinks that queuing is for other people.

Of course the worst of the worst came out last night when a woman was videoed by CCTV apparently stealing from here neighbours. A despicable thing to do at the best of times but taking advantage of the fact that many packages are being left outside houses to reduce the contact between doing delivery jobs and those who are anxious about or vulnerable to, the virus. Now ranking somewhere just below Genghis Khan and that woman who put a cat in a bit a few years ago, imagine when things return to normal and  she has to have normal contact with her neighbours again! I think she will understand the true nature of social distancing then!