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12185145_10154363415624251_8963479377626763271_oCheck out a great review from arch music fan and blogger Dave Rose here

Also a great set of photo’s from the night courtesy of Paul Jellings here

We read so many news items about venues closing down, that when you actually hear of one opening up it is a cause for celebration. Ladies and Gentleman I give you …The Locomotive! Located in Fleet Street, the heart of Swindon’s club and late night bar scene, it will offer something unique to the area. With most of the venues catering for fans of original music located in Old Town, the venue will bring a new musical dimension to the area. But that isn’t to say cover and tribute bands won’t also be on the cards as The Locomotive aims to deliver a wide spectrum of genres and styles, to deliver something for everyone. So what is in store for the music punter? Already at time of writing they have punk covers, rootsy blues originals, 50’s standards, pop-punk and more lined up so by the time the venue opens on 3rd July I’m guessing that they will have a pretty impressive events diary to look forward to. Of particular note is the fact that they have secured a pretty special show in November, a little way off I know, but worth mentioning. Fans of indie icons and Creation label stalwarts House of Love and Adorable will want to make a note in the diary that Terry Bickers and Pete Fij will be playing there as a duo on the 7th. That as a statement of the venues commitment to providing great music speaks volumes. Think of the new venture as a splash of real colour in an otherwise Day-Glo haze. Or a Trojan Horse smuggling culture and musical creativity past the guardians of insipid pop soundtracks and over played chart dross. Or just think of it as somewhere new and cool to hang out. Which ever your preference, any music venue bucking the trend and opening its doors in such times has got to be worth checking out. Right?