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10525987_715675548547700_1189665388901185636_nIt was interesting to recently read that Tesco are stocking vinyl records in some of their stores as the sales of the format rise to mid-90’s levels. Admittedly the selection is limited to mainly the high volume end of the mainstream market but it is still an interesting trend. Are people getting bored with the digital world? Do they actually want something physical to show for their money? Can we expect wax cylinders to be the next retro-experiment and perhaps the return of the Pathe newsreel on our TVs? And of course the more pertinent question is will this reversal of trends cross over into support for “real time, actual live people playing music at you” type of gigs? We can only hope.

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11390565_888226164580608_6829514471951239911_n.jpgProof that psychedelic punksters never die, they just reform and do it all over again is proved next week as the mercurial @Brainiac 5 come to The Locomotive. Expect old songs and new plus a few choice covers, expect off-beat, jaunty, weirdness all delivered in the most accessible sort of way. Also expert the wonderful aural candy to be opening up the night. Came along, anything could happen…and it probably will.