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1796959_1497749917115309_5306381136964104986_oBefore the year plunges into the more predictable waters of Christmas parties, reindeer head gear and those seasonal matching tie and sock combo’s that prove just how wacky you really are, the year still has a few musical treats in store. Three of them can be found in town this week.

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13246174_672093756262043_7295479845484515225_oI find it odd that people still can’t grasp the fact that just because I’m writing a gig guide it doesn’t mean that every single band playing in town that week is going to be included. I do write another, more extensive guide for one of the local papers, one with a wider brief and even that has the usual limitations of word count as well as the difficult task of extracting the factual blood from the apathetic promotional stone. But this is not that column.

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14939458_1559888457371002_5875406412455867816_oSongs of Praise has been involved in bringing some fairly high profile names into Swindon over the last few months, this time next week sees quite possibly the biggest of them all. Johnny Foreigner are many things. Ferocious, intense, incendiary, energetic, passionate and powerful. Punk swagger might sit at the heart of what they do but their songs often seem made up of components of older emo and pop-punk songs, but remembered wrong, reversed and compressed into anxious nodes.


Support comes from local indie stalwarts Misfires and the wonderfully named Cupcake Diaz and The Felt Tip Pens, purveyors of bubble gum punk-pop and all round good eggs.



I bumped into a young guitarist the other day whose opening line upon seeing me was, “Hey man, were you at my last gig?” to which I replied, “I really hope so.” Geddit? It’s a joke. No? Okay…tough crowd. Nothing else for it but to jump right in then, pay attention there is a lot to get through.

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