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Right folks, a busy time for Green Man Music with three gigs in one week. Tonight is the launch of our new night out of Riffs, I have already spammed the internet into submission on  that one so I will say no more but to give you the link –


On Thursday it is our regular Songs of Praise at The Victoria, this time with two of our favourite bands – Black Hats and Nudybronque, brilliantly executed energetic indie and pretty much a master class in live showmanship.


Finally, though not listed on our regular page, we have combined forces with Gig Monkey and The Furnace to bring together a host of top rock bands. Local legends (both musical and alcoholic consumption) SkyBurnsRed top the bill and the real coup is that we have managed to bring The Manic Shine back into Swindon. If you want to know where rock music goes from here, check these boys out. With Middlenamekill and Tides of Change also on the bill it is set to be a brilliant night.


The Secret Chord

riffsHerman Melville once said ” It is better to fail at originality that to suceed in imitation” but then he wrote books about one legged, whale fixated sea captains. Still, I think he might have a point, it’s a phrase that sort of sits at the heart of everything we do at Green Man Music. As most of you will know we currently promote music via a  couple of nights each month at The Victoria, Swindon under the name of Songs of Praise, a melting pot of new, local and out of town bands. All sorts of genes catered for from folk to indie, pop to metal, rock to acoustic, the weird and the wonderful, the new and the established, the only common denomonator is that all the bands are original acts.

Well, now we are branching out. As a way of catering for more bands and also hopefully to help Riffs Bar build up the custom in this difficult times, we are launching a second run of gigs, mainly Fridays and Saturdays and tentetivley called The Secret Chord. Due to the restraints of budget and geography we will probably be working with more locally based acts, at least to begin with. The  first shows will beging in mid-March and details will be up on out Facebook page as soon as they become available.

Go here and then the events tab for all our gigs – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Man-Music-Promotions/187343001292228?ref=ts&fref=ts

The main reason for this message is to get the word out early and hopefully generate some interest in our new venture, your support is vital as if it proves to be something people are not interested in, a second run of gigs is not likely. With venues shuting, changing hands and often struggling to find audiences, radio support lessening for local music and council support also dwindling or their services undergoing price hikes, hopefully this will go some small way towards shoring up our music scene in these tricky times.

Please do not innudate us with offers, we know who we want to work with and if you are our sort of band we will get to hear about you. Really this is aimed at the punter. If your idea of supporting local bands is to just stick banners and memes up on social networking sites or you think that things will just jog along without you, think again. This is a chance to make sure we don’t lose any more of the infrastructure that has made the town so musically vibrant in the recent past.

Anyway just a heads up and keep checking for details of these and all our other gigs on the page given above.




Library - 53So here we are, last column of the year and for obvious reasons not a lot of original music about as venues err on the side of the festive favourites, the cheesy music and the fun time bands to accompany their Christmas parties, and that’s as it should be. But I would like to use the extra space to say a few thanks and have a look back over the year.


Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been supportive of my efforts to try and bring worthy, interesting and breaking bands to your attention, I know it really comes down to my, often strange, personal taste but hopefully you have checked out some of them and hopefully discovered some great new music along the way.


Although it has been a difficult year, especially with the news that The Big Arts Day will be no more plus the loss of the brilliant BBC Wiltshire Introducing show, not to mention the 12 Bar closing, I still think there is a lot to be proud of regarding local music. This year musicians from this area could be found supporting The Levellers and Newton Faulkner and following in the footsteps of Josh Kumra, Gabrielle Aplin (pictured), made it to the top of the charts. The Shuffle came back bigger and better this year with more venues and bands being involved, Summer Breeze managed to attract artists of the calibre of K T Tunstall and in general there are more original bands of a higher quality than ever before just waiting to burst out of the area and start making a name for themselves.


All sounds pretty good to me but of course these successes can only happen if there is the support from the public, so remember to get out there, keep the venues in business and thereby keep the bands in work so they can entertain, develop their live skills, evolve and reach fruition. If between all the partying, boozing, food and general shennanighins there is time to catch a band, then maybe one of these will suffice.


Tonight at The Victoria is The Songs of Praise/Green Man Music Christmas show. For their 25th and final show of the year they bring together two bands synonymous with their brand name, Nudybronque and SkyBurnsRed, bands that have had a brilliant year, are hallmarked by super charged live shows and neither have any understanding of grammatical spacing in their names.


Friday’s options have a bit of a retro feel to them. If ska is your thing then head along to the Beehive for the Nomarks in all their two-tone glory, probably just the tonic(s) you are after (geddit?) to dance away all the food and drink you have consummed this week. Also with influences rooted back in an earlier time, The Corsairs play The Rolleston. Now in their twentieth year they mix up rockabilly, punk and ska to create a unique psychobilly sound.


Saturday is all about the contemporary sound of rock and roll. Having caught Natural Tendency last time they played The Rolleston, I can tell you that they are well worth turning off the TV and missing out on The Only Way is Runcorn or Jeremy Spake: The Missing Years or what ever z-list celebrity dross is being offered up in the name of mainstream entertainment. This is a band that runs emotionally charged rock headlong into ambient keyboard washes and waves of frenzied synth grooves. It’s the future sound of rock music.


Meanwhile downstairs in The Furnace, South West Hardcore present their Dolls and Gangsters party with hardcore/metal onslaughts from The Hotel Ambush and Beyond Hurt, but make sure you catch openers Firefalldown who mix compelling punk aggression with accessible skater melodies and grooves that funk up and rock out in equal measure. Whichever of those two gigs you go to stick around afterwards for the Nightshift club night – industrial, darkwave, electronica, goth and more from the usual suspects.


On Sunday, again at The Rolleston you can catch a stripped back session from retro-rockers Josie and The Outlaw and after that it is all about the mayhem and madness of New Years Eve. As my distant relative, Benjamin Franklin so wisely put it “ Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” – can’t say fairer than that.


So that’s another year done, have a great time over the festivities and I’ll see you at a gig somewhere soon, I’ll be the one leaning on the bar clutching a handful of Antwerp scene experimental rock demos and trying to argue that The Icicle Works were the greatest pop band ever to anyone who will listen. Have a blast out there.