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11781641_1227418503951334_3965097546375349703_nSgt BuzFuz frontman Joe Murphy plays The Roaring Donkey tomorrow night for the songs of Praise mid week acoustic session.

” Like another Yorkshire boy exiled to London, Sergeant Buzfuz, aka Joe Murphy, has got a way with words. The reverse romance of “Don’t spray Chanel on your arms and neck / plastic lilies will be all you’ll get” from “Public Enemy # 1” could be straight out of the Jarvis Cocker songbook. Musically, too, there are similarities with early Pulp in the low-rent organ sounds and lo-fi indie production. But, if anything, Murphy has an even sharper sense of humour and the likes of the Hefner-esque “Bite Your Lip” show he’s got the tunes to go with it.”


10443993_10154647244665037_4127167166014113507_nI’ve been thinking, as I often do, about the support for local music and have realised that there is actually a very sound political argument for supporting live shows. Grassroots events are clearly on the wane as seen by the amount of venues closing or moving into more obvious incomes such as food, DJ’s and karaoke nights. Imagine if local level gigs dried up altogether? All you would be left with is a music monopoly made up of large festivals and over priced arena shows that would then be in a position to charge what they want due to total control of the game. As the prices are hiked up, the man in the street would be bumped out of the equation and music, like much art, would only be accessible to the moneyed minority. As I see it keeping local music operating is nothing less than a political act, part of a class struggle and to support this movement all you have to do is take in a show. Simple yet subversive… a bit like an old punk friend of mine.

And talking of subversive, The Vibrators were at the forefront of the first wave of British punk and you can catch their guitarist John Ellis at The Victoria tonight. Mixing drone acoustica, psychedelic meanderings and electronica; John’s current music path reminds us that he has had a very varied musical career before and after his well known punk days.

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